S.T.E.M. Week visitors

This week we have some exciting visitors coming into school to talk to us about jobs requiring good skills in S.T.E.M. – science, technology, engineering and maths.

Today’s visitor in Year 3 was an Environmental Health Officer. She had also attended our school as a pupil!

She told us how she became an Environmental Health Officer, which skills she needs to use everyday and explained that health officers can have a range of different areas to cover such as monitoring air pollution, tackling fly-tipping and checking up on food hygiene.

There were some great examples of disgusting things that have been found inside food to look at too, and the children loved these!

It was a really interesting visit and the children learnt about a career they weren’t even aware of beforehand.

Many thanks to our visitor!

The Romans invade Bensham!

This week, Year 3 had a whole morning learning about the Romans with That History Bloke. To begin, we learnt how to stand at ease, stand to attention and march like a Roman soldier following commands given in Latin.               Next. Mr. McClelland was chosen to dress up as…Continue Reading

Year 3’s World Book Day 2020

In Year 3, we joined in the celebrations for World Book Day by all bringing along our favourite book to school for the day. There was a great selection of both fiction and non-fiction to look at and read. We began the day with a speed-game where the children had to take turns talking about…Continue Reading

Selling Christmas crafts

Year 3 have been involved in the Big Local inter-generational project for quite some time now and have really enjoyed their visits to allotment on Bensham Bank. During the colder months we have also visited Rosewood and Fountains Court care homes where the children recently made some beautiful Christmas decorations and crafts. To help raise…Continue Reading

Advent Prayer

This week in school, our hall has been set up to help us learn all about the story of the Nativity. On Thursday we went to visit and were helped in our reflections by some of the chaplains from Year 6. The children enjoyed the experience and were very prayerful and respectful throughout. We now…Continue Reading

Our Afternoon at Fountain’s Court

Last Friday (15th November), Year 3 were invited to visit Fountain’s Court care home as part of our on-going involvement with the Big Local Community project. Now that the colder weather has set in, the project has moved to indoor activities such as crafts and planting bulbs. On Friday, the children made some lovely bobble…Continue Reading


On Tuesday Fit4Kids came to tell us all about healthy eating and how to have a balanced diet. We looked at the packaging on a lot of different foods and found out all about the traffic lights system. Children had to find examples of foods that were healthy and which ones were full of fat…Continue Reading

More allotment pictures!

The second group of children had their visit to the Big Local allotment last Friday. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the children learnt about lots of different vegetables such as radishes, squashes, pumpkins, carrots and leeks! They then watered all of the plants and collected seeds from the flowers that have been cut…Continue Reading

Lego Club

Lego Club began this week and it was lovely to see all the children being so creative, what wonderful imaginations they have! They were tasked with making something that begins with the letter D. We had dogs, dinosaurs –  a Diplodocus to be specific, dens, diggers and a dancefloor. It was great to watch them…Continue Reading