First we warmed up with a game of body parts which tested our co-ordination and listening skills before we stretched our body to prepare it for work. We again tried some yoga stretches. We recapped some of the jumps from the previous session testing the vocabulary remembered from the previous session including tuck, straddle and pike. We then moved onto trying a number of different rolls. We started with an ‘egg roll’ which required us to be on our knees clutching our chest before rolling onto our side. We then tried a ‘log roll’ with increased difficulty- not all limbs being on the floor. We started in a disc shape with arms and feet elevated off the floor before rolling into an arch shape on our stomach with feet out straight and arms out in front. We then tried a forward roll we started in a standing position with our arms up high, we then crouched onto our knees tucking our head between our arms before rolling. We used our hands to support us. The last roll we tried was the ‘teddybear roll’ we started in a straddle position and positioned our hands under our knees. We leaned onto one shoulder and kicked with the opposite leg to turn half a turn. We then tried with a partner doing synchronised rolls.



Article 13

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.


We warmed up with a game of traffic lights to get our bodies ready for the lesson. We then carried out a range of stretches for our arms, legs, hips and wrists. As well as stretches we continued to learn some yoga poses such as happy cat, sad cat and toes to head. We recapped…Continue Reading

World Book Day

World Book Day This year for world book day we decided to embrace the message buy a book not a costume and instead of dressing up as a character from a book, we brought in our favourite book from home to share with the other children in our class. In Year 5 we had a…Continue Reading

World Book Day

What a fabulous World Book Day we had in Year 2! We started the day by sharing our favourite stories and books from home with each other. Then Mrs Clarke shared her favourite story – The Twits by Roald Dahl. After that we then split into two teams – boys vs girls and competed against…Continue Reading

World Book Day

What a fabulous World Book Day! We started the day by giving some ‘Speedy Book Reviews’. Everyone brought a book in from home that they have enjoyed reading; we had to describe the book to a partner in 1 minute. Then it was our partner’s turn to describe their book while we listened and decided…Continue Reading

World Book Day

Year 1 had lots of fun this year on World Book Day. Everyone brought their own book in from home to share with the class. First of all the children stood up at the front of the room one by one, and briefly explained what their story, or book was all about. We looked at…Continue Reading

Wonderful World Book Day!

On World Book Day, Nursery had the very important job of starting off the whole school story, using mystery objects as prompts. Mrs Lilley brought in an old watering can, which contained a very unusual sticky, glittery liquid. The nursery children described  the watering can, setting the scene for the story. We then spent a…Continue Reading

Gran Can You Rap?!

We thought about and reflected on our performances of our Michael Rosen inspired poems. We thought about what we had done well and what we needed to improve on. We then watched a video of a group of children our age performing a poem ‘Gran can you rap’. We thought about what had made their…Continue Reading