Shape Hunt!

Did you know that our school windows are rectangle shapes?  We do!  We enjoyed a shape hunt around our classroom, building and grounds.

We made some super shape pictures.

Fun with Phonics!

dd We are working really hard on learning to read and write in Reception Class!  We enjoy doing all the actions in Jolly Phonics and already know lots of letter sounds.  We are learning to hear the initial sound in words and some of us are already blending sounds in order to read 3 letter…Continue Reading


We really enjoyed the story!  We especially like it when they built the dog skeleton backwards!  This led us to exploring skeletons and our own bones.  We enjoyed meeting Charlie our school skeleton, and dancing to “Dem Bones….”  Continue Reading

Saltwell Park

Reception Class walked along to Saltwell Park playground.  We really enjoyed trying out all the different climbing, balancing, swinging and sliding activities on offer there.  It was lovely to be able to run around in the Autumn leaves on the grass.  We enjoyed looking at the swans and their cygnets and the ducks and geese…Continue Reading

Our Local Area

We went for a walk around our local area looking for aspects that were pleasing and things that needed some improvement.  We were disappointed to see so much grafitti and rubbish on our streets and talked about how we could make them better.  We found lots of good things though – shops, a park, a…Continue Reading

Signs of Autumn

As part of our learning about seasonal change we visited the woodland in Saltwell Park to search for signs of Autumn.  We enjoyed collecting a variety of fallen leaves, berries, conkers, nuts and seeds and back at school used them in our transient art pictures and our prints and rubbings.  We did some super number…Continue Reading

Baking Gingerbread Men!

We read the story of the Gingerbread Man then decided to bake some of our own.  We followed the recipe and decorated them with currants.  They were yummy!  One of them managed to run away and we had great fun trying to find him – while working on our positional language.  Continue Reading