Wonderful World Book Day!

On World Book Day, Nursery had the very important job of starting off the whole school story, using mystery objects as prompts. Mrs Lilley brought in an old watering can, which contained a very unusual sticky, glittery liquid. The nursery children described  the watering can, setting the scene for the story.

We then spent a long time sharing the books that we had brought from home. It felt very cosy and warm. What a lovely morning!


Article 13

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.

Nursery has a shoe shop

We have a shoe shop in nursery.  There are men’s and women’s shoes, children’s shoes, baby shoes, sandals, wellies, boots and even football boots.  We talk about the different types of shoes and sort them in different ways: by colour, size, into pairs and what they are used for.  The children really enjoy trying them…Continue Reading

Nursery Musicians

This half term, we are enjoying visits from Mrs Matthieson, who is a musician.  She visits Nursery and Reception to play, sing, dance and teach us about making music.  She has lots of different instruments for us to try.  We learn to recognise, make and talk about different sounds.  Apart from being good fun, this…Continue Reading

Halloween and Bonfire Night

The children were interested in finding out all about Halloween and Bonfire Night.  At home, lots of children were planning to dress up and enjoy the festivities.  In nursery, we made witches’ hats, using Halloween themed pasta shapes.  One of the children brought a favourite book about a spider, so we made spider web pictures…Continue Reading

Welcome new nursery children 2019

We have welcomed our new children into nursery and they are settling well.  They are getting to know us and learning the routines.  It is a very tiring time for children: everything is new.  Here are some photos of the children, having fun and enjoying their time with us. .Continue Reading

Nursery – September 2019

Welcome to all our new nursery children, parents and families! The nursery children are settling well and enjoying their time with us.  They really are a joy!  They are starting to get used to all the routines and show us the things they are interested in.  We thought that you might like to see some…Continue Reading


On Tuesday morning, the nursery children found a lost, little creature outside, looking in through the window.  It seemed very sad.  Mrs Lilley brought it in and it was shaking.  The nursery children wanted to look after it.  It could not understand our words, but seemed to understand when we used Makaton sign language.  We…Continue Reading


Some exciting visitors came last week as part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Week in school.  Mr Bonello, who is an Automotive Technician, brought his amazing motorbike into school.  He talked to us about what it is like to do his job.  Inside his toolkit, there were tools of all different shapes and…Continue Reading