Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Today we came together as a school to share a liturgy to mark the beginning of Lent. Lent is the Church’s seasons for discerning and doing good. During Lent, Christians try to make changes to their lives in order to become more like Jesus and live a new life of Easter joy. They search for ways in which they can live “good” lives and turn away from what is not “right”. What people do during Lent helps them grow in holiness; growing in God’s way.

When we receive Ashes, we are showing everyone that we are sorry for living in the old way of sin. We are making a determined effort to try again to live in the new way of Jesus.


Link to Article 30 – You have the right to practice your own culture, language and religion.

Advent Prayer

This week in school, our hall has been set up to help us learn all about the story of the Nativity. On Thursday we went to visit and were helped in our reflections by some of the chaplains from Year 6. The children enjoyed the experience and were very prayerful and respectful throughout. We now…Continue Reading

Year 1 go on a Journey to Bethlehem.

Today, Year 1 went on a ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. We separated into groups with Miss Blackie and Mrs Jones and then visited the prayer stations set up in the hall to remember what Advent and Christmas is all about. The children enjoyed completing the prayers and activities and are almost ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.…Continue Reading

More than Dance

Year 1 really enjoyed our recent Liturgical dance workshop and Liturgy with the More than Dance company on the theme of ‘The God who speaks’. We quickly learned a lovely dance in our classroom and then performed it during a whole school liturgy in the afternoon. We also enjoyed watching all of the other classes…Continue Reading

Prayer Stations

Year 5 visited the prayer stations in our hall. We visited each station and spent time reflecting during this special time of advent. We spent time focusing, wishing, waiting, prayer, hoping and connecting with the birth of Jesus. By the end of the morning we felt we had changed our focus back to the true…Continue Reading