Ready to Rock

Year 6 enjoy taking part in Times Tables Rock Stars sessions 3 times a week. Don’t forget to keep practising at home!


At the end of our first R.E. topic, Loving, the children in year 6 shared ideas of how best to rejoice in our learning. We shared a meaningful liturgy, during which we reflected on what we had learnt throughout the topic. The children chose to listen to the story of The Prodigal Son, as this…Continue Reading

Settling in to Year 6

Year 6 have had a busy few weeks settling in to the new routines in school. I have to say they have taken everything in their stride and have been very sensible. They all said that they were looking forward to their return to school and being reunited with their friends. After a few weeks…Continue Reading

S.T.E.M. week

As this week is S.T.E.M week, we were visited by Mr Nezianya who came to tell us about his job as a civil engineer. He has worked on projects worth billions of pounds, therefore, his work carries a lot of responsibility. When he was younger, he originally wanted to be a doctor but soon realised…Continue Reading

Engineering Club Week 6

We are certainly getting there now! Many of us have added the gearing axle holder as well as the middle axle with pulleys and spacers.Once the batteries and motors are in place we will be able to connect them to the pulleys using elastic bands. Soon it will be time to build the switch that…Continue Reading

Engineering Club – Week 5

This week, we added the front axle, spacers and wheels. Axles had to be measured accurately and the wheels had to be hammered on firmly. The spacers will add more control to the vehicle. We are ready to add the rear axle pulley, wheels and spacers next week before adding the gearing axle holder.  Continue Reading

Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Today we came together as a school to share a liturgy to mark the beginning of Lent. Lent is the Church’s seasons for discerning and doing good. During Lent, Christians try to make changes to their lives in order to become more like Jesus and live a new life of Easter joy. They search for ways…Continue Reading

Engineering Club Week 4

This week we measured, cut and glued the battery and motor plates onto the frames of our cars. We also measured the axles that will hold the wheels in place. They are really starting to take shape! Some of us noticed that the gussets were not straight and realised that this would have a negative…Continue Reading

Engineering Club – Week 3

Things are slowly taking shape with our motorised vehicles. In the last two sessions we have added 8 triangular gussets to the frame to strengthen the top and bottom joins. We have also added triangular axle holders: for these we had to cut 4 right angled triangles. We have started to prepare the middle gearing…Continue Reading