Snack Time

We all have to keep each other safe in nursery.  When it is snack time, we wash our hands with soap and our teachers clean all the tables thoroughly.  We help to bring the milk in from the kitchen on trays and each child chooses either milk or water.  You have to sit down at snack time.  You only touch your own drink and fruit.  We can choose a piece of fruit to eat.  We love bananas.  When we have satsumas, we try to peel them ourselves and then count how many segments there are.  When we eat a piece, we count them again until we have eaten it all up.  When you have finished, you put the cores and skin in the bin and wash your hands again.

Soft play

Soft play Our favourite time of the week is when we go to soft play in the big hall.  You have to take your own shoes off, your own tights or socks off, put your socks or tights inside your shoes, put them under the bench and listen to hear when you can go on. …Continue Reading


Autumn We love to talk about each day – what day it is, what the weather is like and how nature is changing.  We have been talking about how the weather is getting colder.  We need our warm coats now.  The leaves on the trees (and our strawberry plants) have changed colour and are falling…Continue Reading

Water and sand play

Water and sand play We are very lucky in Corpus Christi.  We have sand and water play both inside and outside.  Outside we have a water wall where we can watch as water flows down.  We have bubbles in our water every day just now, to help keep us safe from Coronavirus.  We love to…Continue Reading

Making jelly

Making jelly Jelly is a funny thing.  It comes in different colours, different scents, it wobbles and tastes yummy.  We wondered about jelly.  How far can you stretch it?  What does it feel like, look like, smell or taste like?  How does it change when you add hot water?  What happens when you put it…Continue Reading

Dinosaurs and animals

Dinosaurs and animals Dinosaurs and animals are some of our favourite things.  We really enjoy learning the different names of animals, what sounds they make and what their babies are called.  We don’t see dinosaurs now but some of us would like to.  Some of our favourite songs and stories are about dinosaurs and animals. …Continue Reading

Making toast

Making toast. Toast is different to bread.  You need bread to make toast.  Bread feels soft and squashy.  When you put bread in the toaster and turn it on, the electricity makes it hot.  The heat energy makes the bread change into toast.  Toast feels hard and crunchy and looks quite brown.  We used real…Continue Reading


Halloween We have been sharing lots of Halloween stories, such as Meg and Mog, Winnie the Witch and Room on the Broom.  We looked at a selection of squashes and pumpkins and cut them open to see inside.  We made a pumpkin lantern that glowed.  We made potions in the water area with green, gloopy,…Continue Reading

Shoe shop

Shoe shop We now have a shoe shop in nursery.  There are different types of shoes, such as wellies, sandals, flip-flops and football boots.  There are different sized shoes.  Some shoes will fit babies and are very tiny but others are massive and fit grown-ups.  We measure our feet to see which shoes fit.  We…Continue Reading