Insect Art

This half term, Year 4 has been looking at insects in their Art lessons. They have used their sketchbooks to create pencil drawings, looked at colour and texture and also made papier mache sculptures  of their own insects. They have studied a range of insect art by the artists  Louise Bourgeois and Jennifer Angus and evaluated how they feel about it.


Article 29 – Having the right to develop talents and abilities.


STEM Careers Week This week Year 4 have been visited by members of the public who have careers involving, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We were first visited by Miss Jobes, an Environmental Health officer for Gateshead council. She explained how she began her education here at Corpus Christi, talked about her training and her…Continue Reading

Land use in our local area

In Year 2 we looked at the land use in our local area. We thought about different categories, such as: Public services, Economic activity, Residential, Transport and Open spaces. The children looked at maps of our local area and planned a route so that we could see examples of each land use. We went out…Continue Reading


Earlier in the year, our art topic was ‘Portraits’. We started by sketching our self-portrait, trying to space things out correctly on our face using lines. Next, the children designed their self-portraits using a variety of mediums – an interactive paint package, clay and felt.Continue Reading

Chinese New Year

In Year 2 we welcomed the Year of the Rat by listening to the legendary story of the Chinese Zodiac and having a class quiz. We watched video clips of daily life in a Chinese school and compared it to our school day. To end our day of celebrations, The Imperial Restaurant in Low Fell…Continue Reading

Smudging and Shading

In Science, Year 2 have been learning about animals and their habitats. We have studied a wide variety of British and Global habitats including: woodland, urban, desert, ocean and the rainforest. We have researched how a polar bear is suited to the artic. In art, the children explored how to smudge and shade and we…Continue Reading

Number Day in Year 2

We celebrated Number Day by playing lots of maths games. The children enjoyed learning traditional games such as: snakes and ladders, dominoes and 21. We also accessed interactive maths games on the ipads which helped us practice our times tables and division facts. A game that we all enjoyed was ‘Roll a fraction’ as we…Continue Reading

Crazy Creatures

This half term, as part of our science topic on Living Things, we were lucky enough to be visited by Crazy Creatures. The children loved the opportunity to be up close and personal with such weird and wonderful creatures and have a hands on experience.Continue Reading

Edible Garden

Last week Year 4 began their new DT topic – Edible Gardens. We began by looking at a variety of herbs that can be easily grown at home, either indoors in pots or outside in the summer months. We played ‘Guess the Herb’ and tried to identify which herb was which from their smell and…Continue Reading

Fraction Frenzy!

Last week in Year 4 we talked about different representations of fractions and how we can group them together. We discussed how this can be done in different ways; by how they are represented i.e. in words or diagrams or by their meaning i.e. are they equivalent. Children noticed that 3/5 and three fifths can…Continue Reading