Some children in Year 5 have been practising their riding skills this half term and getting out on the roads. They have been learning how to stay safe when cycling as well as improving their cycling skills.

RE- Liturgy

This half term we have been thinking about the Big Question: Who Am I? We have thought about our talents and qualities and taken inspiration from a friend of Jesus Father Kolbe about how we can use those God given qualities and talents to do good.  We know how special we are as a class…Continue Reading

Science Experiment – Changing States

This half term we have been working hard in science combining our Year 4 work with our Year 5 work. We have been looking at different states of matter. We decided to investigate the different melting points of chocolate. We worked in groups to investigate which temperature of water melted the chocolate the quickest. We…Continue Reading

Code Breaker Morning

Unfortunately our visit from Newcastle University was postponed due to the current situation, however we still spent the morning cracking literacy and maths based codes to solve the mystery of the locked cupboard and the mystery of the missing glue stick.  Great team work Year 5! We will be ready to take on the University…Continue Reading


Year 4 are coming to the end of their Harry Potter topic and this week, we have been focussing on letters. We have talked about the difference between formal letters, such as Harry’s invitation to Hogwarts and informal letters, such as ‘Howlers’. A Howler is a magical letter in a red envelope which enchants the…Continue Reading

French Artist Matisse

This week in Art we have been looking at some of the work by the French artist, Matisse. Matisse is famous for his use of colour and pattern. He believed that everything in the world was made up of either a sphere, a cone, a cylinder or a cube so you can often find these…Continue Reading

STEM Week Reception

  We had a special visitor during STEM week. He talked about how he repairs motorbikes and the safety involved. Reception class had a go on the motorbike and understood why we need to wear helmets and bike protective gear.    Continue Reading


First we warmed up with a game of body parts which tested our co-ordination and listening skills before we stretched our body to prepare it for work. We again tried some yoga stretches. We recapped some of the jumps from the previous session testing the vocabulary remembered from the previous session including tuck, straddle and…Continue Reading


We warmed up with a game of traffic lights to get our bodies ready for the lesson. We then carried out a range of stretches for our arms, legs, hips and wrists. As well as stretches we continued to learn some yoga poses such as happy cat, sad cat and toes to head. We recapped…Continue Reading