This term, Year 1 have been studying homes and castles. They have listened to lots of traditional fairy tales and have retold them in their own words. The children are making great progress with their independent writing! To experience what it would have been like living in a castle keep hundreds of years ago, we made a class visit to Newcastle keep on a freezing winter’s day. It was great fun exploring the old rooms and then participating in a fairy tale workshop in the Black Gate. In Design and Technology lessons this term, the children designed and made their own simple castle keeps.Everyone now knows lots about castle life.

Crazy Creatures with Year 1.

Recently lots of crazy creatures came to visit us in Year 1. Everyone was so brave and managed to stroke, hold or even put a creature around their neck! We saw snakes long and short, skinny pigs and a tarantula. How many crazy creatures do you recognise?              Continue Reading

Drama in Y1!

In Literacy lessons this term the children have been studying traditional and Fairy tales. They have explored good and bad characters and have written their own character descriptions. They have also learned how to retell some traditional tales in their own words. To really understand the characters and help to memorize events from the stories,…Continue Reading

Number fun in Year 1.

Year 1 are really enjoying number work this year and the children had lots of fun on our recent Number day. It was great seeing everyone dressed up and covered in numbers. Our class went on a number trail beginning in the Y1 classroom and then we explored the top and bottom corridors and even…Continue Reading

Signs of spring

Year 1 are studying the seasons and plants this term in Science lessons. This week we have been using our school gardens to look for signs of spring on the trees growing there. We also discovered that we have a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees growing in our grounds. We are watching out for…Continue Reading

Here comes Santa Claus!

Key Stage 1 celebrated Jesus’ Birthday with a fantastic Christmas party. Games were played, we saw some wonderful dancing, food was eaten and then to cap it all guess who made an appearance? Santa Claus himself! The children were even convinced that they saw the reindeer disappearing into the clouds at home time. We hope…Continue Reading

Year 1 go on a Journey to Bethlehem.

Today, Year 1 went on a ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. We separated into groups with Miss Blackie and Mrs Jones and then visited the prayer stations set up in the hall to remember what Advent and Christmas is all about. The children enjoyed completing the prayers and activities and are almost ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.…Continue Reading

Operation Encompass

Last week, Ged a policeman  came to Year 1 to deliver a workshop all about looking after ourselves. The children got into groups and talked about people who are important to them. They also talked about situations which made them feel good or bad. The session ended with a story about feelings too.Continue Reading

Fun in Numeracy!

Recently in  Numeracy lessons, Year 1 have had lots of fun learning to make number bonds through working practically with different kinds of equipment before recording our number sentences. The children can use cubes. Numicon and Cuisenaire to make number bonds of a given total. Look at some of the ways we have been working.…Continue Reading