Fun at School

Insect Art

This half term, Year 4 has been looking at insects in their Art lessons. They have used their sketchbooks to create pencil drawings, looked at colour and texture and also made papier mache sculptures¬† of their own insects. They have studied a range of insect art by the artists ¬†Louise Bourgeois and Jennifer Angus and…Continue Reading


STEM Careers Week This week Year 4 have been visited by members of the public who have careers involving, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We were first visited by Miss Jobes, an Environmental Health officer for Gateshead council. She explained how she began her education here at Corpus Christi, talked about her training and her…Continue Reading

S.T.E.M. week

As this week is S.T.E.M week, we were visited by Mr Nezianya who came to tell us about his job as a civil engineer. He has worked on projects worth billions of pounds, therefore, his work carries a lot of responsibility. When he was younger, he originally wanted to be a doctor but soon realised…Continue Reading

Engineering Club Week 6

We are certainly getting there now! Many of us have added the gearing axle holder as well as the middle axle with pulleys and spacers.Once the batteries and motors are in place we will be able to connect them to the pulleys using elastic bands. Soon it will be time to build the switch that…Continue Reading

STEM Week Reception

  We had a special visitor during STEM week. He talked about how he repairs motorbikes and the safety involved. Reception class had a go on the motorbike and understood why we need to wear helmets and bike protective gear.    Continue Reading

S.T.E.M. Week visitors

This week we have some exciting visitors coming into school to talk to us about jobs requiring good skills in S.T.E.M. – science, technology, engineering and maths. Today’s visitor in Year 3 was an Environmental Health Officer. She had also attended our school as a pupil! She told us how she became an Environmental Health…Continue Reading


First we warmed up with a game of body parts which tested our co-ordination and listening skills before we stretched our body to prepare it for work. We again tried some yoga stretches. We recapped some of the jumps from the previous session testing the vocabulary remembered from the previous session including tuck, straddle and…Continue Reading


We warmed up with a game of traffic lights to get our bodies ready for the lesson. We then carried out a range of stretches for our arms, legs, hips and wrists. As well as stretches we continued to learn some yoga poses such as happy cat, sad cat and toes to head. We recapped…Continue Reading