Saltwell Park Visit

This week, Year 4 has visited Saltwell Park as part of both their Science and Art lessons. In Science, we have been looking at classifying living things by what they look like or by where they live and what they eat. In the park we spotted a huge variety of living things and we talked a lot about the environment they lived in and what they would need to survive there.
In Art we have been sketching leaves, really trying to focus on the detail of the veins and their shape. Whilst we were in the park, we collected some leaves to study and to draw when we got back to school. These should be ready and on display during our open evenings next month.

RR: Article 29 – Having the right to develop talents and abilities.

Silver Quality Mark Award in Geography

We are delighted to let you all know that we have recently achieved our Primary Geography Quality Mark at Silver Level.  The GA’s Geography Quality Marks are prestigious awards which recognise and promote quality and progress in geography leadership, curriculum development and learning and teaching in schools.  We have received our award in recognition of…Continue Reading

International Award – Gold Level

Last week we received some very exciting news at Corpus Christi. We are delighted to have gained re-accreditation of our Gold International Schools Status from the British Council. The re-accreditation of our award recognised all of the work we do in raising global awareness and celebrating diversity within our school. This is an award we…Continue Reading

Colour Mixing

In preparation for painting our body art Year 5 have been experimenting with mixing the three primary colours to make secondary and tertiary colours. We found it a lot more challenging than we first thought especially when trying to mix different shades of the same colour.   Article 13 You have the right to find…Continue Reading


Some of the children in Year 5 are taking part in this years Bike ability sessions. The children will take part in sessions every Thursday afternoon for the net six weeks, where the aim is to give the children the skills to be able to ride safely on the road. Good Luck everyone. Article 13…Continue Reading

Map display

We have been trying hard since the beginning of term to find out what is going on in the world, keeping up to date with current affairs by watching news round. We are particularly interested in where in the world certain things are happening and how they might affect us. We are using our class…Continue Reading

Body Art

This week in Art we have been studying an American artists Helen Frankenthaler. Born in New York Helen was an abstract expressionist painter, known for unique body art. She was the first artists of her time to paint her canvas on the floor. We have started to design our own abstract body art. Working in…Continue Reading

Science Display

This year in Year 5 we are having a big focus on Scientists and inventions. We have a new science working wall in class and we will explore different scientists each week. This week we are looking at Alexander Parkes. Any information you can find out at home about Alexander Parkes can be added to…Continue Reading

Arts Award Superstars

A big Corpus Christi congratulations to the children in Year 2 who have just received their Arts Award Discover certificates from Trinity College London. The children worked on their arts adventure throughout Year 1 and have now been recognised for their efforts. Arts Award  Discover is in three parts – Part A: Discover, where children…Continue Reading