Arts Award in Year 1

Year 1 are busy working towards their Arts Award Discover award. As part of this they have been discovering what ‘the arts’ are and where they can participate in arts events within our local area. They have also been studying sculpture and learning about The Angel of the North and the artist Antony Gormley. Part of the award involves participating in an arts event so we visited the Shipley Art Gallery on our doorstep last week to take part in the Making An Angel workshop. It was great fun and we saw a replica of the actual Angel sculpture. The children made sculptures with their bodies, and worked in pairs and individually to create angel sculptures. Have a look at our work, and remember the art gallery is a great place to visit during the long summer holiday and often have free workshops for children!


Play in a Day

Year 6 really enjoyed working with Konflux Theatre Group this week. We started by thinking of ways in which teachers might move, then parents, then children. Following that we developed our own mimes to represent different locations, which the rest of the class had to guess. All of these warm-up activities helped us when we…Continue Reading

Poetry Competition

Last week some children in Year 5 auditioned for the 2019 poetry competition. The successful entries were Leo and Zuzanna and today they took part in the competition which was held at St. Phlip Neri. They both received a participation trophy and Zuzanna did Corpus Christi proud by coming third out of 16 children. Well…Continue Reading

Healthy Eating

Today Year 3, 4 and 5 took part in a healthy eating workshop with Marcus from cycle generation. We discussed the food groups and how much sugar our body is allowed on a daily basis. We realised that we often go over our daily allowance without realising. We then had a go at designing a…Continue Reading


On Monday some of the children took part in a quad kids competition taking part in four activities to collect points for their teams and themselves. The events were a standing long jump, vortex howler throw, sprint and a long distance race. We all did fantastically despite the weather! We hope to put our skills…Continue Reading

Orienteering and Sculpture making at Saltwell Park

Year 2 visited Saltwell Park to develop their mapping and orienteering skills. The children worked in groups to follow a route – it was timed and the children had great fun competing against each other. Whilst at the park, we took the opportunity to create sculptures using natural materials in the style of Andy Goldsworthy,…Continue Reading

Our Visit to Chiquitos

As part of our international learning, we had an  “international food tasting week” in school.  Year 2 were lucky enough to visit Chiquitos in the Metrocentre.  Jack and his team were very welcoming and made our visit to the Mexican restaurant an unforgettable experience!  They talked to the children about Mexican foods and the ingredients. …Continue Reading

Healthy Heart workshop

Marcus started by asking us a simple question. What does your heart do? However this really got us thinking and we very quickly had lots of ideas not only about the heart but the brain, lungs, kidney and liver. We then discussed the term ‘pulse’ and we practiced feeling our pulse on our wrist and…Continue Reading

Operation Encompass

Today Year 5 were visited by Mr Foster from Northumbria Police who is part of Operation Encompass. He came to talk to us about healthy respectful relationships. We first described the friendships and relationships that we have and discussed the good and the bad parts about it. We then thought more deeply about why people…Continue Reading