Year 3 recently had a great morning with Richard “The History Bloke” learning all about the Romans as part of our history topic.

We were able to handle lots of different artifacts, dressed up in togas, wrote with a stylus and ink and played the Roman game of rota. We even learnt some Latin commands and the names of different parts of the Roman soldier’s uniform. The photos below show what a great time we had!


Saltwell Park

As part of our science and art study, year 4 walked to Saltwell Park to look at the different habitats and sketch the plants and wildlife. Whilst we were there, we saw lots of different birds, including mallards, swans, Canada geese and coots. We loved the different patterns and textures of the leaves. We were…Continue Reading


As part of our learning about other religions, years 3 and 4 went to visit the synagogue in Gosforth. We learned that lots of people, from all walks of life, follow the Jewish religion. We experienced sitting in the synagogue, with the boys all wearing caps to show respect, and got to look at books…Continue Reading

Skip Dance Festival

Year 4 were superstars at the Skip Dance Festival at Gateshead Stadium. They have worked extremely hard at their skills and co-ordination and performed to a high standard. We achieved two gold medals, and were proud of all of the children taking part   .   Article 31 You have the right to play and…Continue Reading

Father Walker

This year, many of the year 4 children will be taking part in their first Holy Communion. The whole class have been learning about this special event, and Father Walker came to school to enact the Mass with us. We learned about the different stages and rituals that occur during the Mass, with the reasons…Continue Reading

Key Stage 1 Multi-skills.

Last week some children from Year 2 accompanied Miss Blackie and Miss Taylor to St.Thomas More for a Key Stage 1 multi-skills fielding and striking event. The children had lots of fun and were a credit to our school. As a reward for fair play we received a certificate for being one of the best…Continue Reading

Anglo-Saxon Monastery

During our visit from That History Man, Year 4 found out what life was like in an Anglo-Saxon monastery. We looked at the type of food that the monks would eat, and were astonished at the number of jobs that they had to do each day! In a circle, we passed around the artefacts, trying…Continue Reading

Special people in Year 1.

Year 1 have been thinking about our special people and all that they do for us. We have been praying for our special people at home, at school and in our neighbourhood, and we have asked God to take care of them all.Continue Reading

Dance Festival

What a wonderful performance was given by the year 4 dance team at the Sage. After all the hard work, at school and at home, the children finally got to perform their routine on the huge stage, in front of a crowd of parents and pupils from other schools. Children were really excited to share…Continue Reading


On the last day of term Year 5 enjoyed a day trip to Gibside to work on our team building skills. We started the morning off in groups carrying out short presentations about a chosen subject, testing out our communication skills within groups. We then joined together as a class to enjoy some team building…Continue Reading