Year 3 go roaming around a Roman fort!

For our end of year trip, Year 3 had a great day out visiting the Roman fort of Arbeia in South Shields. First we had a session of hands-on archaeology where the children found lots of evidence of Roman remains. They also looked at a range of artifacts such as pottery, metal work and bones.

After lunch we toured around the site and visited the recreated barrack block and then the Commanding Officer’s quarters with it’s beautifully decorated rooms.

Later on the children decided to search among the ruins to see if they could find any undiscovered treasures! All kinds of things were found and the children had a great time.



Tasty treats in Year 1.

Yesterday Year 1 made delicious fruit salads as part of their Design and Technology food project for this term. The children have enjoyed listening to some stories about a little boy called Oliver in ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’, who only liked eating chips! Oliver learned in the stories that he should try eating…Continue Reading

A super seaside visit.

Year 1 had a wonderful visit to the seaside on Wednesday. The children have been learning about seaside environments and comparing them with the local environment of Bensham where our school is situated. They have labelled maps of seaside resorts around the UK and have learned about the features of a seaside locality. The children…Continue Reading

Great Exhibition of the North

On Monday Year 6 completed the City Trail of the Great Exhibition of the North. We started outside Newcastle Theatre Royal where we read some poetry. We discussed the permanence of words, once something is written it is final but in this piece the words disappeared after a few seconds and replaced by others. No…Continue Reading

Eerie goings on in Year 1.

Something really strange happened recently in Y1! Four alien babies suddenly appeared in our classroom. We are not sure why this happened but we found some torn up notes nearby saying ‘If found please return to Phogtronic‘ and ‘Help I have lost my babies’. We didn’t really understand what had happened but we wondered if…Continue Reading

STEM week in Y1

Year 1 have been very interested in learning about the kinds of careers and jobs some of our parents and adult helpers do, during STEM week. We have enjoyed having visitors to our class who have shared information with us and have explained how they had to work very hard at school to get the…Continue Reading

Making an Angel at the Shipley Art Gallery

Last week Year 1 had lots of fun drawing and making models of angels at the Shipley Art Gallery. They went to the gallery to be creative as part of the requirements of the Arts Award  which they are completing in school. The children had to make observational drawings of the model angel, draw it…Continue Reading

Refugee Week

During ‘Refugee Week’, Year 4 were visited by CAFOD volunteer Maria who helped us to understand the struggles and challenges faced by Refugees and Migrants fleeing their homes. We imagined that we were a family, leaving our home behind. We thought about the key items that we could pack– with some of us thinking practically…Continue Reading