Year 4 Skipping Festival

After weeks of practise, Year 4 got the chance to show off their skipping skills at the Gateshead SSP Skipping Festival. Last half term, they took part in a skipping taster session and since then the progress has been phenomenal! Children have perfected their skipping techniques and gained confidence to try new skills. At the event, Year 4 competed against 4 other Catholic schools in individual, partner and team events to showcase all of their skills. They also got creative in their ‘skip-dance’ routine with some impressive rope work (and flossing!) At the end of the event, when they were all skipped-out, lots of children received bronze, silver and gold certificates and all of Year 4 were rewarded with participation certificates to reward their commitment, effort and ‘have-a-go’ attitude. I am immensely proud of all of Year 4 for their hard-work preparing for this festival- Well done!


Safety Works

On Friday, Year 6 went to Safety Works in Newcastle, where we participated in several workshops, including: water safety, internet safety, road safety, fire safety and first aid. The RNLI taught us about the different flags on the beach and what they mean, we also learned about jelly fish stings and cold water shock and…Continue Reading

Football Festival

On the 16th May, a team of Year 4 children had the chance to represent Corpus Christi at a football festival at St Thomas More School. They showed off their excellent team work and communication skills in all 4 matches and demonstrated superb sportsmanship towards the other schools. They gave 110% and did the school…Continue Reading

3D Shapes

Year 3 have been making some fantastic skeleton models of 3-D shapes using straws and plasticine. This has really helped the children to develop their language about the properties of shapes.                                                Continue Reading

Basketball Competition

Some of Year 5 had the chance to participate in a Basketball competition last night and it was great fun!  We came up against some strong teams but the children gave  100% effort and Miss Simblet was very proud!  Big well done to Owen, Ivah, Noah, Dimitri and Renata.      Continue Reading

Lent Liturgy

At the beginning of this half term, Year 4 planned their own Lenten Liturgy to celebrate their learning about how Christians show Self-Discipline during the season of Lent. The children set up a beautiful and meaningful focal point, reflecting on the signs and symbols of Lent to remember how during the Penitential season we tried…Continue Reading

Green Fingers in Year 3

Year 3 are currently involved in a community project to learn about growing flowers and vegetables. This linked with our science topic on plants perfectly! Earlier in the month we carefully planted some seeds and then placed them on the windowsill in the classroom. We have watered them and now have a jungle of plants…Continue Reading

Year 4 charity visit

Year 4 were visited by David from a homeless charity called ‘Youth Homeless North East’. Before his visit, we thought about questions that we wanted to ask to help us to find out more about homelessness in our local area. We made links between the questions that we had and those a reader may have…Continue Reading

SATs Liturgy

Last week Year 6 held a small Liturgy, celebrating their time at Corpus Christi and asking God for guidance during SATs week.  The liturgy was prayerful and reflective and the children were very involved in the process of organising it. They welcomed each other, talked about significant events and created a focal area of objects…Continue Reading

Gardening in the sun

Year 2 were fortunate enough to have a visit from Suzanne from ‘The Big Local’ Project today. We braved the heat to go outside and plant sunflower seeds. First, we had to soften the soil to make it suitable for planting. Next, we added vermiculite to help keep the soil nice and wet. We put…Continue Reading