Miss Nightingale visits Year 2

This morning Year 2 were very lucky to be visited by ‘That History Bloke’.  He spoke to us about the Crimean War and what a difference Florence Nightingale made to the lives of the soldiers. He then brought Florence Nightingale in to the classroom so we could ask her questions, look at her equipment and impress her with our nursing skills!



This term, Year 6 has been discussing what makes a balanced argument. We have pondered many different questions, such as: ‘Should children eat chocolate?’ ‘Should school uniform be banned?’ ‘Are zoos a good idea?’ We have enjoyed discussing the pros and cons of each argument and tried to think of new and different ways to…Continue Reading

Our Local Parish

In our RE topic this half term we are exploring themes of community and responsibility. Last week, we looked at our Parish newsletter to reflect on how members of the Corpus Christi community are committed to serving others. We listened to the words of Bishop Seamus and made a commitment to being ‘cogs’ of the…Continue Reading

Anglo Saxon Artefacts

Year 4 have been busy historians this week when exploring a variety of unusual and interesting Anglo-Saxon artefacts. We have thought about how ‘digging up the past’ helps us to learn about the Anglo-Saxon culture and explored the difference between primary and secondary sources of information. We thoroughly enjoyed handling lots of interesting artefacts with…Continue Reading

Edible Garden

Year 4 spent the afternoon learning all about herbs as part of their Design and Technology topic ‘Edible Gardens’. They were presented with different herbs and had to use their observation skills (and sense of smell!) to try and correctly name each herb from mint to basil. After naming the herbs, they created a fact-file…Continue Reading

Shipley History Visit in School

Over the years ,our class have been involved a lot in working with the Shipley Art Gallery and this morning , we had a visit from a lady who has worked with us a lot and she talked about the history of the art gallery and also Gateshead.  We recently created a piece of artwork…Continue Reading

Our library visit

This half term in Year 2 we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We have used: Fiction books, Non-Fiction books and the internet to find out all about the fire. We visited Gateshead Central Library and they read us a fiction book based on the Great Fire of London and what might…Continue Reading

The journey of a letter

This half term the children have been writing letters. The children wrote special Christmas letters to their families in class. They tried really hard to show off their best handwriting and use exclamation marks and questions marks in their writing. They also wrote their full addresses clearly on envelopes, paying particular attention to their postcodes.…Continue Reading

Christmas traditions

Last week Margaret from Tesco visited us in school. She explained that she was going to talk to us about traditions at Christmas.  First we learnt about the tradition of gingerbread at Christmas – the children thoroughly enjoyed decorating their ginger biscuits! We then learnt about the symbolism of a Christingle orange. Christingle means ‘Christ…Continue Reading

Where does our food come from?

Earlier in the term, Year 2 visited Tesco in Gateshead. They explored the fruit and veg aisles and discovered where their food came from. They were very surprised that some of the food had been on such a long journey! We were then lucky enough to have a tour of the store. Our favourite part…Continue Reading