Christmas Crafts

This week Year 6 created double layer Christmas tree cards for their families.

Firstly, they decided which colours to use. Then – after they had the templates – they cut around the chosen colours. Next, they folded the main part of the card twice, once this was done, they glued the pieces together to create the double layer effect.

They wrote their messages and decorated their cards to finish off. Don’t they look great?

Written by Sophia and Hanna


Advent Activities

During Advent we have been very busy helping those in need. Our reverse Advent calendars enabled us to take 6 big  bin bags very full of gifts to ‘Changing Lives’ who support local families over Christmas. In addition to this, we have  been bringing in items of food for the Gateshead food bank.When it was…Continue Reading

Christmas Activities

We’ve been very busy making cards, calendars, decorations, wrapping presents and scattering the glitter!!  But most of all we have enjoyed Christmas themed role play!  We made a stable for Baby Jesus to be born in and dressed as Santa and the elves, made and delivered presents!Continue Reading

Fun in the Snow!

We had just been learning about the seasonal changes in Winter and wishing it would snow this year when the first flurries of this year arrived!  We rushed straight out to experience it in case it was the only snowfall this year!Continue Reading

Design Technology – Stockings

As part of their Design Technology topic, and preparations for Christmas, Year 6 have been making felt stockings.  They have enjoyed learning how to sew and to use embellishments to create some fabulous designs. It has been lovely to see them grow in confidence learning a new skill and I’m sure you’ll agree the finished…Continue Reading

Advent Reflection

This week, Year 6 visited church to reflect at the Advent prayer stations. Each station had a different focus and activity, such as: a letter with a prayer to God, what we and God are expecting during Advent, praying to for Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day, linking our prayers in a paper chain and thinking…Continue Reading