Armstrong House Visit

Year 3 were recently invited to visit Armstrong House. They met and worked with some of the residents making a variety of Christmas crafts and decorations. We received a lovely welcome and the children really enjoyed chatting with the old folk! We will be returning with the other half of the class on Tuesday December 5th.

UNICEF Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

An Evacuee’s Suitcase

This week, Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed exploring an evacuee’s suitcase filled with WW2 memorabilia . We found out that the suitcase belonged to a young boy who, in 1940, was evacuated from Newcastle to Penrith. We looked through the suitcase and found lots of exciting artefacts from the 1940s including a ration book, a well-loved…Continue Reading

New Mini Vinnies

Our new group of Mini Vinnies were commissioned last week. They have made promises to look out for people and need and do their best to help them. Our motto is ‘Turning Concern into Action’ and they will try to do that by ‘seeing. thinking and doing’. We also had a joint planning and pizza…Continue Reading


  Last week, year 6 were visited by a watercolour artist, who showed them how to use different techniques to create a landscape painting. They began by drawing a stag and then decided which season they would focus on. The children enjoyed learning how to paint trees with tooth brushes. Please see the photographs for…Continue Reading

“Together in Time” workshop

Last week, Year 1 were lucky to be selected to participate in a music workshop titled “Together in Time” with Dr Kelly Jakubowski from Durham University and in collaboration with Gem Arts. The children had lots of fun exploring and making sounds with simple percussion instruments. They also enjoyed composing simple pieces and then performing…Continue Reading

Families Liturgy

Year 1 celebrated the end of our class RE topic based on the Domestic Church-Families by holding a class liturgy which the children all participated in planning themselves. They celebrated God’s love and care for every family in a very respectful way.Continue Reading