Life Centre

On Tuesday we visited the life centre as part of both our Geography and Science topics. The morning session focused on our Geography topic ‘Natural Resources’ and looked in depth at plastics and recycling. We learn a lot about the composition of plastic and its many purpose and types. We then looked at the complicated recycling process of plastic, where our guided Jon, showed us up close what happened to the plastic. We all agreed how difficult and time consuming the process was and it made us think about our plastic usage. We then melted down some recycled strips of plastic, allowed them to dry and harden and we then used saws and clamps to design our own recycled plastic keyrings.

In the afternoon our attention turned to Science. We carried out two experiments concerned with animal life cycles and adaptations. The first experiment was all to do with how animals keep warm in icy waters. We tested different gloves which corresponded to different animals to see how long we could keep them in the ice water before we felt the cold. See our results table for more. We then looked at how animals keep cool in warm climates. We set up an experiment to see how much cooler shady areas are, again see our results and experiment write up for extra information.


22 Sheds Session 5

On Monday we continued our work on the 22 sheds project and we finally began to put together our ‘coatsworth in a box’ inspired by Cornell. We used our research from the library and our visits to the road and picked a person or shop which we were interested in. Sarah then challenged us to…Continue Reading

My tongue is twisted!

This week Year 2 have had fun with their poetry topic ‘Silly Stuff’.  They have read a variety of tongue twisters and then had lots of fun writing their own! They were all very brave and performed their tongue twister in front of an audience – some enjoyed the limelight more than others! 🙂  Continue Reading

Session 4 Archive Search at GatesheadCentral Library

Session 4 Archive Search at Gateshead Central Library On Tuesday we continued our 22 sheds project at the Central Library. We met Simon who works at the library, and who introduced us to some of the many archives held at the library in particular some of those linked to Coatsworth Road. First Simon recapped some…Continue Reading