Oscar Romero

On Friday Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic workshop hosted by  Rise Theatre, all about Oscar Romero. We found out a  lot  about where Oscar Romero came from and what it would have been like to live there. We first located El Salvador on the map and then Kate and John told us all about the people from El Salvador. We found out that 90%of the people were farmers and would spend 12 hours a day in the scorching sun picking things like coffee,cotton and fruits. We then heard about how cruel the landowners were, they were very rich, yet did not help the farmers. In the afternoon we all enjoyed a play about the life of Oscar Romero.

Oscar Romero Workshop

On Friday 19th May the whole school took part in ‘Oscar Romero Day’. We were visited by John and Katie from RISE Theatre Group who told us lots about Oscar Romero in a fun and interactive way. Year 6 were invited to take part in a workshop where we learnt more about El Salvador, where…Continue Reading

End of SATs Week!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all children in Year 6 who have worked so hard over the past few months (and years)! Everybody approached SATs week with enthusiasm and a hard-working attitude. I could not be more proud of you all. To celebrate, we enjoyed a movie and popcorn afternoon on the final test day. We still have…Continue Reading

Death & New Life Liturgy

To rejoice in our ‘Death & New Life’ topic in RE, year 6 took celebrated a liturgy which was planned and led by a group of pupils. As usual, all children were reverant and showed understanding of the importance of stillness and quiet during times of reflection and prayer.   Link to Article 14 –…Continue Reading

Oscar Romero Day

“It is not God’s will for some to have everything and others to have nothing.” These were the words of Blessed Oscar Romero of El Salvador. Today the children have learnt his story through an assembly, workshops and a performance from Rise Theatre. Everyone really enjoyed the day and now know so much more about…Continue Reading


We all really enjoyed taking part in a Judo taster session, during which, we practised some of the skills vital to succeeding in the sport: such as balance, agility and speed.  Continue Reading

Session 2- Mapping with 22 Sheds

This week we looked at the history of Coatsworth Road . We worked with Kate who showed us three different maps of the road one from 1862, the other from 1899 and the most recent 1921. We looked at how more houses were built in order to keep up with the growing industry. We then…Continue Reading


On Wednesday eight Year 5 pupils attended a multiskills event at St Thomas More School. We had to work as a team and navigate the ten stations to collect as many points as we could. Our favourite station was the obstacle course and the running slalom. Mrs Mason and Miss Ridley thought we did fantastic…Continue Reading

Gateshead Library Author Workshop

On Wednesday afternoon Year 5 visited Gateshead central library and we listened to a workshop by the famous author M.G.Leonard. She told us all about her inspiration for writing and gave us a sneak peek at her first novel “Beetle Boy”. We all came away feeling a lot different about creepy crawlies!  Continue Reading

Big Sing

On Thursday 11th May some of Year 5 went to St Thomas More to take part in the “Big Sing”. We arrived at 9.30 and spent the next hour and a half preparing a performance for the parents. We managed to squeeze in four songs some of which we had never heard of! We then…Continue Reading