Superhero Finale!

To celebrate the fantastic writing the children have produced we decided to have a superhero finale.  We learnt the words to our favourite superhero song and created some dance moves.  For the big finale we all wore our superhero masks and strutted our stuff in the school hall. We recorded the performance in different parts as we were unable to attach the full video as it was too big.

Enjoy our superhero show 🙂



Textile Portraits

This week Julie from the Shipley Art Gallery visited Year 2 to enhance our portraits topic in art.  We tried to draw a self portrait without taking our pencil off the paper – this was a lot trickier than we thought and very funny!  We then created a self portrait out of a range of…Continue Reading

Art Installation at Charlton Walk Park

Some of Year 6 ave been involved in  a ‘Big Local’ project creating some fantastic art work. Last Tuesday they met the Mayor of Gateshead, Allison Ilderton-Thompson, when she officially opened the art installation at Charlton Walk Park. The whole piece consists of fifty individual boards  depicting different aspects of the sights, and  sounds of…Continue Reading

Mini Vinnies

Last week some of our Mini Vinnies met with the group from St Peters for prayer, discussion and pizza. It was a great evening and we hope to work together this year on a joint fundraising venture to support local people in our area who need a little bit of extra help. In our school…Continue Reading

Harvest Mass

Last Friday we celebrated harvest time and we thanked God for the wonderful food we all have to eat while at the same time remembering our responsibility to share what we have with others. One of the reasons that we do this is because we believe that it is important to uphold the rights of…Continue Reading

Good Samaritan Day

Last Friday our whole school took part in Good Samaritan Day.  The children in Year 2 decided to turn the story of the Good Samaritan into a song and a dance to make it more memorable and help them to remember all of the important details.  They worked with the children in Year 4 and…Continue Reading

Science Experiments

Already this term we have carried out lots of science experiments around our materials topic.  We have explored properties of materials testing their hardness, permeability,transparency and flexibility before moving onto testing conductors and insulators of heat. We were commissioned by Brilliant Bags Company (Mrs Mason) to design a new lunch bag which of course needed…Continue Reading

Don’t say said!

In Literacy, Year 4 have been writing their own imaginary world stories. We have been reading Harry Potter to give us some ideas. This week we have looked at dialogue and how we make that interesting in our writing. We agreed that using ‘said’ too much can make our writing boring, so we banned it!…Continue Reading

No Pens Day!

For today’s No Pens Day, and as part of our Rights Respecting School Award, we looked at the rights of children throughout the world. The children had a good discussion about what their rights were and debated whether they were a basic need, something to keep them safe or freedom of expression. We had a…Continue Reading

Saltwell Park Visit

A couple of weeks ago, Year 4 went for a walk in Saltwell Park. We looked at habitats and evaluated all the uses for the park, such as recreation, keeping fit and a place to learn. On the walk, the children created their own piece of nature art using leaves and flowers they found on the…Continue Reading