Y6 Investigating Light

  Our Science topic this term is ‘Light’.  We carried out an investigation into how refraction changes the direction in which light travels.  After considering why a straw in a glass of water looks broken, we experimented with different images moving towards and away from a glass of water. We discovered that refraction creates illusions.…Continue Reading

Healthy Eating with Tesco

As part of their science topic, Year 2 visited Tesco at Trinity Square.  First they explored the store and enjoyed seeing behind the scenes – especially the giant freezer that was -222 Degrees Celsius! Then they visited the fresh produce aisle and sampled a range of fruit and vegetables.  After that they visited the pizza and…Continue Reading

Lenten Fundraising

A big Thank you for all your generosity during Lent. Thanks to you and your support for all of our Lenten fundraising events, we managed to raise £750. This money has been shared equally between Elizabeth House, a home for young mothers and their babies in Gateshead, Joe’s Place, which provides a hot meal and…Continue Reading

Rocket Science

Our school is taking part in a very exciting experiment to find out how seeds that have spent time on board the International Space Station will grow after they have been returned to Earth. Two kilograms of rocket seeds travelled to the ISS in the Soyuz withTim Peake last September and were then returned to…Continue Reading

Are older children quicker?

This week, as part of their science topic, the children were asked the question: Are older children quicker? They thought about this carefully and began to think of how we could carry out an investigation to find out the answer.  They decided to ask younger children from Year 1 and older children from Year 4 to join…Continue Reading

Firefighter visit

Last week the children in Year 2 welcomed a firefighter into their classroom.  He showed us video clips of dangerous fires and explained that a lot of fires can be prevented!  Most of these fires are started because people are doing silly things or not paying attention.  He told us stories about children playing with matches…Continue Reading

Explaining Electricity

This half term in Year 4 we are learning how to explain electricity. Last week we began by looking at what an atom is made of and how they work. Different children represented protons, neutrons and electrons and ‘acted out’ their roles. Some children demonstrated the relationship between two protons. Some represented the relationship between…Continue Reading

Fire Safety

This week Year 5 had a visit from a member of the Tyne and Wear Fire Safety Team. Rich,from the team, told us he had 25 years experience with the fire service and we were able to ask him all the questions we have always wondered: about the fire service; how fires start and fire…Continue Reading