Money, Money, Money…

This week, we have been exploring and investigating ‘money’ from Nursery to Year 6.  Here is an overview of some of our activities:

In the Nursery, children set up their own pet shop in response to the story – ‘The Great Pet Sale.’ They made their own price labels, worked in the shop, counted the coins and wrote receipts.

Reception class had their own Post Office.  They sold stamps and helped customers make cash withdrawals. They are learning to recognise the different coins.

Year One made their own money timeline; looking at how money has changed over the years. They enjoyed listening to different stories about how to make money.

Year Two have been using a variety of coins and notes to make totals – ranging from £1 to £20. They completed investigations and questions with more than one answer – How many ways can we make 50p?

Year Three investigated till receipts to find out what information we can learn from them. They also learned about the different world currencies.

Year Four focused on ‘estimating’ amounts , before calculating answers.  They also discussed the negative aspects of money – debt, greed and peer pressure.

Year Five worked in a ‘Bureau De Change’ and solved problems on exchanging money from different currencies.

Year Six carried out money investigations using a ‘trial and improvement’ method.

Staff from Barclays Bank came into school to work with Years Five and Six.  They led workshops helping children to consider different professions, skills and salaries and how money should be saved as well as spent!  Children looked at how incomes should be prioritized for our ‘needs’ rather than ‘wants.’


Here is one of the problems Year 6 worked on – can you solve it?

George and Jim want to buy a chocolate bar. George needs 2p more and Jim needs 50p more to buy it.

When they put their money together, it is still not enough to pay for the chocolate bar.

 How much is the chocolate bar?

Revision Support for Year 6

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Year 3 Scientists!

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Sorry, I didn’t hear that…

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Bede’s World

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Can you hear me?

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Drama Queens.

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