Learning about tolerance

During this term Year 4 have been learning about Judaism in R.E, Stories set in World War 2 in Literacy and how to get along with each other in PSHE. A few weeks ago, we brought all of those themes together to talk about Tolerance.

We discussed what we mean by tolerance and the children were encouraged to think of other words with a similar meaning. They then wrote these words onto a blank template shaped like a Star of David. They were introduced to the story of Anne Frank and her experiences of WWII. The children were shocked at the ill treatment of the Jewish people under Hitler’s rule. They couldn’t understand why Hitler would behave in such a bad way towards others simply because he didn’t like them.

They were able to make connections between all of the topics they had been studying, to provide a starting point for a great discussion about right and wrong behaviour and now have a good understanding of what tolerance means and what this looks like for them in practice.

Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt…

To end our topic on Ancient Egypt, Richard from http://www.thathistorybloke.co.uk/ came into our classroom and led us on a journey back to the land of the Pharoahs. We embalmed and mummified the body of Neferti the Great. The Egyptians believed the brain was only padding in the skull and therefore removed it along with other…Continue Reading

Christmas Outing for Years 5 and 6

This week, Year 5 and 6 enjoyed their Christmas Outing.  We travelled to the Northern Stage to see the production of the ‘Wizard of Oz.’  The set and acting was spellbinding!  We were lucky enough to have the front row seats.  Following on from the show, we walked across town to ‘Frankie and Benny’s’ for…Continue Reading

Year 1 Liturgy

Year 1 have celebrated the end of their RE topic on Baptism and Belonging by having a class Liturgy. The children enjoyed praying together and were very respectful.      Continue Reading

Up and out, Christmas Sprout

Recently Year 1 and 2 went to visit Northern Stage to see a production called ‘Up and Out, Christmas Sprout!’ The children enjoyed watching the story of a boy called Willie Sprout. On returning back to school, Megan and Emma from Northern Stage came to work with the children in two workshops where they explored some of the characters…Continue Reading

Making Hedgehogs!

This week in class, Year 1 have been learning to read and write instructions in their Literacy lessons. Their favourite activity of the week was reading instructions titled ‘How to make a hedgehog!’ The children learned that they only needed three materials to do this: plastercine, beads and spaghetti. After following the instructions step by step we…Continue Reading

KS2 Music Workshop

Recently, the children in Key Stage 2, enjoyed a music workshop, facilitated by Gateshead Music Service.  The theme was ‘Music from the USA’ and we travelled on a journey back in time to explore the different musical styles.  Can you spot a famous American pop star from the 1950’s?  Continue Reading

New Mini Vinnies

December 8th is the start of the Year of Mercy. To launch this in our school, we held a commissioning service for the children in our Mini Vinnies group. They each made a pledge to reach out and help others wherever they can. Our group meets every Monday lunchtime to pray together and discuss and…Continue Reading

Buddy Liturgy

As the oldest children in our school, Year 6 assume a very special role as Buddies to our brand new Reception children.  Throughout the year, they spend time with their little buddies, helping them to settle into school life and providing a ‘big buddy’  whenever they need one!  We held a special liturgy, where Year…Continue Reading

Learning to keep safe at Safetyworks.

Yaer 6 went to Safetyworks in Newcastle.  This is a multi-agency interactive safety centre managed by Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service. We were able to participate safely, in realistic situations illustrating everyday hazards and how to prevent them. Inside the building there are several scenarios, where we had to identifying the dangers and what…Continue Reading