This week in nursery …

We had a special visitor this week.  Joanne from Gateshead Library came to see us to read us some stories and talk about the exciting things that you can do at the library.  She brought us some Treasure gift packs with a book to take home.  Thank you, Joanne.  That was so very kind.

The children in nursery are talking about Christmas already because we have just started to learn some Christmas songs.  This week we have been making a class Advent calendar and we will use this to count down to Christmas.  The children thought that they would like to decorate the house for Christmas and decided that the huge plant in the home corner would make a great tree.  A bread basket became the star and then they hung strings of beads and lights all over.  All week, the children have been adding to the tree by threading beads onto individual branches.  It looks beautiful!

IMG_2842[1]         IMG_2826[1]         IMG_2827[1]


Amazing Artists Achieve Arts Mark

Congratulations to the children in Year 2 who have recently received their certificates to show that they have been awarded Arts Award Discover. In the Summer term of Year 1, the children learned to recognise different art forms and developed their understanding of the arts. They focussed on learning about sculpture, to find out more about…Continue Reading

Drama Workshop

Over the past few weeks, the children in Year 1 and 2 have been taking part in a drama project with Northern Stage.   Miss Blackie and I both agree we have some excellent actors and actresses in our classes! We were invited to go and watch the production of ‘Up and Out Christmas Sprout’ at the…Continue Reading

Who won the chocolate Freddo?

As our current science topic is Materials, the children have been investigating the different materials and exploring their properties.  This week we have been looking at how materials often change when heated.  The children were told the group which melted their Freddo the quickest would win a prize!  All groups were extremely keen to talk about,…Continue Reading

I baptise you …

This week, in nursery, we have been learning about Baptism.  We found out that when you are baptised, you are welcomed into God’s great big family.  We visited Corpus Christi church, where we met Deacon Tom and his wife, Mary.  We took three of our babies from nursery to be baptised – Lily, Lily and…Continue Reading

Reception Class visit Washington Wetlands

  The outdoor environment is a rich, dynamic, natural space for learning and development and we value it as an essential resource.  Being outdoors has a positive impact on children’s sense of well being, gives them first hand experiences of weather, seasonal change and the natural world.  Reception class travelled to the adventure playground at…Continue Reading

Year 2 Shipley Art Gallery

Last week the children in Year 2 visited the Shipley Art Gallery.  They were looking at containers, thinking about what material they were made from and thinking about its purpose. First Julie (the teacher at the gallery) passed around a variety of objects and the children had to think about if they were containers or not and…Continue Reading

Harvest Mass

On Friday 6th November, we celebrated Harvest with a lovely celebration of Mass in church at 9:15am We sang, prayed and thanked God for all the wonderful food that the earth produces. We remembered how lucky we are to have so much choice of food to eat and we prayed for those less fortunate than…Continue Reading

Mastery in Maths

Year 1 have been working practically in their Numeracy lessons over the last few weeks to master skills in measuring length, weight, mass, capacity and money. They have practised finding objects in the classroom which are longer and shorter than a metre, and they have had lots of fun making the scales balance, and comparing objects to see which…Continue Reading

Fun Run Y6

Many thanks to families and friends who recently supported Year 6 in their efforts to raise money for refugee children.  We managed to raise the enormous amount of £318!  The cheque has now been sent to ‘Save the Children’ – a charity chosen by Year 6. Here is a video which shows our determination and…Continue Reading