Hot or Cold?

Year 4 have been looking at the relationships between colours – are they cool? Or are they warm? We have used pastels or paints to create the background for silhouette pictures and we came up with our own suggestions for different shadows. We have also looked at the work of Paul Klee and tried taking a dot…Continue Reading

Read all about it!

Over the past few weeks in Literacy Year 4 have been looking at newspapers. We’ve talked about the differences between facts and opinions and used the questions – Who? What? When? Where? and Why? to write our own articles about events that take place in stories. So far we’ve written articles about Harry Potter’s duel…Continue Reading

Year 4 Nature Walk

Last week Year 4 went to Saltwell Park on a nature walk. We observed creatures in their natural habitats, such as squirrels, and did lots of interesting art work, which included making a sculpture from twigs. We also used natural materials to make a piece of artwork showing our journey through the park.Continue Reading

Year 3 and the Stone Age

In the last week of the half term, Year 3 have been busy writing instructions. We linked our literacy and humanities topics together and decided to explain how to create a Stone Age necklace. We will follow this up after the holiday and make our necklaces in design and technology. Watch this space for updates! We…Continue Reading

Reception Class Saltwell Park Visit

As part of our learning about seasonal change we went to Saltwell Park to look for signs of Autumn.  The morning started off misty so we found lots of spiders webs in the dew.  We collected a variety of leaves, berries, conkers, nuts and seeds to use in our Autumn collages back at school.  We…Continue Reading

Healthy Teeth in Reception Class

As part of our topic work on “Ourselves” we have been finding out about the roles of Doctors and Dentists.  We have enjoyed playing in role!  Anyone who came into the classroom got their teeth checked!  We have been learning about what a healthy snack is and talking about which snacks are not so good…Continue Reading

Reception Visit to Central Library Gateshead

When Gateshead Library wrote inviting us to visit, we “wrote” back saying yes please!  Some of us had never been before.  We were lucky enough to get a tour of the Children’s Library and found out all about how to borrow books.  We especially liked the machines that record borrowing! The librarian read us a…Continue Reading

Baking Gingerbread Men

After reading this traditional tale we wanted to make some Gingerbread Men of our own to see if they would run away too!  We found a recipe to read and helped Mrs Conway make a list of ingredients to shop for. We enjoyed measuring out the ingredients and mixing the dough.  We cut out extra…Continue Reading

Making Jelly

As part of our learning about the Senses we investigated jelly.  We could smell it, feel it, see it and taste it but couldn’t hear it! We were fascinated by how we could change it and the effect of heating and cooling on it.  We did a survey – lemon won the taste test!Continue Reading