Making an Angel

Year 1 have been studying sculpure this term as part of their Art Award Discover accreditation. They have enjoyed making simple animal sculptures from plastercine in class, after looking at the works of Henry Moore and Elizabeth Frick. As we live in Gateshead we have looked at some of the works of Antony Gormley in more depth, and focussed on the Angel of the North. Yesterday we went along to the Shipley Art Gallery and took part in a workshop called Making an Angel, where the children focussed on making observational drawings of the angel and using good team work produced simple model sculptures from a range of collage materials. We were also lucky to be able to visit the fabulous Knitted Sculpture Garden on display at the gallery. take a look this summer, it’s great!












The children in Year 2 have been learning about the history of transport in class so we visited Beamish Museum to see what old transport looked like.  They were very excited when they saw the old cars, trams, trains, buses and especially the penny-farthing! They also explored the Old Town and were very brave in the dark mine!   Watch…Continue Reading

Corpus Christi Tea Party

On Friday 10th July we held, what is becoming an annual event, our Corpus Christi Tea Party.. We were delighted that so many people were able to come and join us and join in the fun. We had visitors from Rosewood House,guests from Corpus Christ Parish and of course some of our families. It is…Continue Reading

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

For this half-terms Design and Technology project, year 1 have been learning about fruit and vegetables.  They have focussed on studying a variety of fruits and produced a simple fruit salad from a selection of their choice.  The children learned the names of different fruits and discussed where they were grown.  They talked about appearance,…Continue Reading

Going to the Seaside.

In Geography, History and Literacy lessons this half-term, Year 1 have been studying the seaside.  The children have labelled a map showing some famous UK resorts and they have learned about human and physical features of the seaside.  As well as writing super seaside poems the children have also found out about what it was…Continue Reading

The Daniel Morgan Art Award 2015

Daniel Morgan loved art!  With the agreement and support of his family, the annual Daniel Morgan Art Award was launched this term. The theme this year was oriental art as this was one of Daniel’s favourite styles. Each class chose a different type of Oriental art to inspire their work: Underwater paintings in Reception Willow…Continue Reading

Singing at Trinity Square

On Friday 26th July, our school choir was invited to sing in Trinity Square in Gateshead as part of the celebrations for the end of ‘Volunteer Month’  Our numbers were small as many of the children were involved in the Inter school athletics at Gateshead Stadium but our choir did us proud. The children lead…Continue Reading

Gateshead Athletics Festival

On Friday 26th June 2015, Miss Hudson accompanied 24 children from Year 3 / 4 / 5 to Gateshead Stadium to compete in the Athletics Festival.  Each child competed in two events and we made it through to some of the semi-finals.  Each child gave 100% effort and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.   I am very…Continue Reading