Year 3 Coders!

As part of the new 2014 Curriculum, the children are now required to programme sequences of steps, or algorithms, into computers in order to accomplish a variety of tasks. Here in Year 3, the children have really taken to Purple Mash and in these pictures they are hard at work making super heroes fly, disappear and suddenly grow. It is teaching the children how to think logically and how to debug, or recognise and correct mistakes. Above all, it’s a really fun and hands-on way to learn about coding and I’ve been amazed at how quickly the children have picked up the skills.







Cafe Nursery

We have a cafe in our nursery role play area. We have made “real” food to eat in our cafe. This week we made jelly to serve with fruit. While making the jelly we learned about the changes that happens to it, first it is solid, then it dissolves and then it sets. Dylan and…Continue Reading

Year 2 Following Directions

The children in Year 2 have been practicing following and giving directions in their numeracy work.  They have been using a program on Purple Mash called ‘2go’. This has helped reinforce mathematical language: left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, forwards and backwards.   They have also been looking at maps of our local area and exploring Google…Continue Reading

Y6 Diocesan Youth Festival

We went to the Diocesan Primary Youth Festival 2015, at the Youth Village in Allensford.  It was a brilliant day!  We joined hundreds of other year six children from around the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. The theme was ‘Transform’ “God wants us to transform our sadness into joy and our joy into works that…Continue Reading

Y6 Blaydon Races

We went to the Shipley Art Gallery to study the painting – Blaydon Races by William Irving. Irving was a cartoonist for the Evening Chronicle in 1903, when he painted the picture.  The annual Blaydon Races and Fair was a major event on Tyneside in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The attractions shown in…Continue Reading

Y6 ‘Play in a Day’

On Monday, Year 6 worked with Konflux Theatre Group to create a ‘Play in a Day’.  It was called ‘All Change’. Our play focussed on the theme of transition and included our hopes and fears for secondary school.  We worked hard to learn all our lines and at the end of the day, we performed…Continue Reading

BeeBot fun!

This term, year 1 have been learning to programme a small toy robot called a BeeBot. They have learned to press the buttons in the correct order to make a short sequence and make the robot move. they have also used the BeeBot in their Numeracy lessons when learning about position and direction, programming the…Continue Reading

Reception – Recognising technology all around us

In Reception Class we have been learning about the range of technology that is used in the world around us.  We use different types of technology everyday without realising it; phones, tills, laptops, microwaves, petrol pumps, car park ticket machines, cameras etc.  We have enjoyed finding out about technology in our role play area which is currently a…Continue Reading

Year 1Design and Technology project.

Recently,Year1 worked on a Design and Technolgy project designing and making their own model castles from recycled materials. Prior to making their model they designed the castle in words and pictures. They learned to use a range of tools and equipment and they practised joining materials in different ways. After completing the models the children…Continue Reading

Year 4 Scooter Ride

On Thursday 4th June, Year 4 went on a scoot ride to Saltwell Park with Ewan from Sustrans.  We scooted to the park and had some important discussions along the way about safety and the importance of fitness. At the park, we were asked to think of various types of transport and each team used…Continue Reading