Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies are a group of volunteers from Years 5 and 6 who meet together to pray and think about ways in which Corpus Christi school can reach out to others and help in the local community and also in the wider world. They are the younger branch of the  St Vincent De Paul Society…Continue Reading

Using Lexia at home…

The most recent version of Lexia, Core 5,  can be downloaded, free of charge, from Alternatively and probably easier, is for the children to access their school accounts on-line. Here’s the link: Once it opens, click the student/parent option. When prompted for an email type: And that should be that! Your laptop, tablet etc…Continue Reading

Chinese New Year

In Reception Class we have been finding out all about Chinese New Year. We enjoyed learning about how New Year is celebrated and about some of the traditions and customs surrounding the festival. We tasted noodles and prawn crackers in our Chinese restaurant, performed our own dragon dances and sent eachother messages of good luck…Continue Reading

Y6 Art Project – Part Two

Following on from our work in class, we went up to the Shipley Art Gallery.  We worked with the artist, Shirley Wells, to complete a silk painting, using our sketches, inspired by nature.  Everyone is invited to the Gallery on Saturday, 7th March at 1.30pm, where our art work will be on display.  We are…Continue Reading

Congratulations to Corpus Christi!

Recently, we received a letter, from David Laws, Schools Minister.  He congratulated us on how well our disadvantaged pupils are progressing, compared to similar groups, nationally. This demonstrates how the future success of our pupils is very important to us.  We support all our children to achieve everything they are capable of!Continue Reading