Y6 Art Project

The Acts of Making Crafts Council Touring Exhibition is coming to the Shipley Art Gallery (7 – 21 March) There will be six leading Artists showing craft in a new light – through performance work, live creation of artworks and participatory workshops.

You can find out more about it here: http://www.twmuseums.org.uk/shipley-art-gallery/whats-on/exhibitions/acts-of-making.html

Our Year 6 will be the only class in Gateshead, to be exhibiting their Art Work, alongside the Artists.  How exciting!

We began this work on Monday, and next week we will visit the Gallery to work with Artist, Shirley Wells.  Our drawings will be turned into silk paintings.

Come along on Saturday 7th March (1.30pm) to see our finished  work on display, watch the arrival of Richard Wheater’s Scooter and Tree work and receive a free goody bag!


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Year 2 Dinosaur Poetry

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Year 2 Rainforest Puppets!

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Outrageous Hope Celebration

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Revision Resources for Y6

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New Laptops

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Year 4 – Route Planning and Bike Repairs

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