Ancient Egyptians Homework

I was very impressed to see the number of children who tried one of my challenges during the Christmas break; this is always such a busy time so it was great to see so many children having a go. Following on from our topic on the Ancient Egyptians, children had to choose from the list of tasks in the table below to showcase their learning.

Choose 2 from this row Write an advert for an Egyptian job vacancy. What does the job involve? What skills are required? Research the River Nile. Draw a map of it and add pictures along it to show how it was used. Create a movie poster to advertise a new film entitled: Tutankhamun – The Discovery Design your own Egyptian god/goddess. Draw a picture, describe his or her appearance and explain why he/she is special.
Choose 1 from this row Create a PowerPoint presentation entitled ‘All About the Ancient Egyptians’ Build a 3D model to showcase your favourite part of Ancient Egyptian history. Write an instruction manual entitled ‘How to make a mummy’ Make your own model of the Rosetta Stone Research the pyramids and present the information you find out to the rest of the class. You could create a poster, build a model, etc.


On our return to school, each child presented their work to the class. I particularly enjoyed seeing the range of work – from written presentations to 3D models to hand-drawn posters. Well done!


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