Year 4 charity visit

Year 4 were visited by David from a homeless charity called ‘Youth Homeless North East’. Before his visit, we thought about questions that we wanted to ask to help us to find out more about homelessness in our local area. We made links between the questions that we had and those a reader may have when reading our non-fiction reports.

During David’s visit, we explored stereotypes surrounding homelessness and we learned that anyone could be at risk of homelessness and that most homeless people don’t look (or live) like Mr Stink! We learned all about rough-sleeping as well as ‘hidden homelessness’, helping us to gather lots of facts about the picture of   homelessness. We explored reasons why people, particularly 16-25 year olds,       become homeless and inferred about what life would be like for a homeless young  person.

Lastly, we shared ideas about what we can do to support our campaign to support people who are at risk of becoming homeless making links to promoting people’s rights and giving those in need a voice.

Article 14: Children have the right to an opinion and should be guided to form their own views.

Article 27: Children have the right to a good standard of living, including living in a safe environment.


Year 4 charity visit

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