South American Art

This term Year 4 have been researching South America in Humanities as part of their Our World topic. This week we have looked at the work of Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist famous for her self-portraits and her depiction of strong women in her work. She had quite a tough life, she suffered from polio and was also badly injured in a tram crash so she spent a lot of her life on her own. Her work was known for including animals as she was very keen on them. As a class we looked at some of her work and talked about how we felt about it.

Afterwards, we used clay to make our own models of monkeys, an animal she painted quite often and an animal that we have talked about a lot in our discussion about the rainforest. The children worked very hard on the models and thoroughly enjoyed working with clay. They are looking forward to bringing the models home to show you.

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