Arbeia Roman fort

Last Friday, we had our end of year trip to Arbeia Roman fort in South Shields. There was so much to see and do!

First we found out about archaeology and had a go at digging for artifacts in the Timequest area. Some of us even found a skull!

Next we had a tour of the whole site and found out about the reconstructed gatehouse, the headquarters building and the granaries that were used to store grain for the soldiers on Hadrian’s Wall.

Then the children lined up and marched like Roman soldiers to explore the barrack block and finally the luxurious commanding officer’s home.

After lunch, we went right to the top of the gatehouse and could see for a long way around. We then had a look in the museum at the amazing objects that have been found at Arbeia.

The children had a great day and remembered so much from their Romans topic.

Well done Year 3!

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