Gardening in the sun

Year 2 were fortunate enough to have a visit from Suzanne from ‘The Big Local’ Project today. We braved the heat to go outside and plant sunflower seeds. First, we had to soften the soil to make it suitable for planting. Next, we added vermiculite to help keep the soil nice and wet. We put some of the soil in to the pot before adding the seed. Finally, we filled the pot to the top with soil and watered them. The plants are going to an allotment.

‘I enjoyed making a plant for another person because they might not have had the opportunity to grow their own plant.’ Naielle

‘I enjoyed watering the plants. It was a fun thing to do.’ Dylan

Link to the Rights of the Child Article 29: Your education should help you to use and develop your talents and abilities…protect the environment and respect other people.

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