Eerie goings on in Year 1.

Something really strange happened recently in Y1! Four alien babies suddenly appeared in our classroom. We are not sure why this happened but we found some torn up notes nearby saying ‘If found please return to Phogtronic‘ and ‘Help I have lost my babies’. We didn’t really understand what had happened but we wondered if they had come to us because we had been reading lots of stories about aliens in our Literacy lessons, and their families somehow knew that we would take good care of them, which we did! We asked the other children around the school for some good advice of how to return the babies safely back to the Planet Phogtronic. We finally decided to send their parents a note attached to some balloons to say where the baby aliens were. Thankfully they must have received one of our messages because we came in one Monday morning and found a note from the aliens saying they had come to Corpus Christi at the weekend and rescued their babies. They are now safely back on Phogtronic. Our alien friends have suggested that if we are ever flying by in a rocket or a space machine, we are very welcome to visit the babies to see how they are growing!


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