Last week was STEM week in school.  This stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  Throughout school, in all classes, we had visitors who talked to the children about their various careers in these fields.  It was so inspiring and helped the children to think in more detail about the sort of work that they may enjoy when they are adults.  Our visitors talked about what they enjoyed at school, the training they needed, the jobs they had done previously and what it is like to do their job.  They told us about the different skills you may need for jobs and about finding a job that suits your personality.  One of the amazing things is that the jobs our children may do in the future might not even exist yet.  We are forging links with an Artificial Intelligence project in America, run by Microsoft, to find out about what the future holds.  We hope to take part in a new engineering project next year.  More details will follow next term.

Can we say a huge “thank you” to all the parents and visitors who gave their time and support to us to make STEM week such a success.

This is Mr Bonello, who is an Automotive Technician.  He brought his fabulous motorbike in to school.


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