Some exciting visitors came last week as part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Week in school.  Mr Bonello, who is an Automotive Technician, brought his amazing motorbike into school.  He talked to us about what it is like to do his job.  Inside his toolkit, there were tools of all different shapes and sizes.  We could match them up to different parts of the motorbike.  We sat on the bike and found out about the controls.  Some of them had numbers on.  He told us about the special, protective clothes that it is very important to wear.  Mr Bonello let us try the helmet on – it was very heavy.  We watched him ride his motorbike – what a noise!  Thank you, Mr Bonello.


We also had a visit from Emma, who is a midwife.  She talked to us about her job, helping mothers and babies during the time that babies are born.  Both of them need to be cared for.  Emma showed us the different ways that babies can get milk.  They need lots of care because they are too small to help themselves.  We listened to our hearts beating with a stethoscope and used a blood pressure machine on our arms.  We played bathing babies, taking great care to support the baby’s head.  Thank you, Emma.


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