On Tuesday morning, the nursery children found a lost, little creature outside, looking in through the window.  It seemed very sad.  Mrs Lilley brought it in and it was shaking.  The nursery children wanted to look after it.  It could not understand our words, but seemed to understand when we used Makaton sign language.  We didn’t know it’s name, but decided to call it Fluffy.  Fluffy was shivering so we gave it clothes, was sad, so we tried to find out what Fluffy likes.  We don’t know where Fluffy comes from but he needed somewhere safe.  We made a lovely bedroom in our snuggly area and put signs on the door with his name on.  The children decorated the room with pictures that we thought that Fluffy might like.  To show Fluffy that everyone here is good friends, we made friendship bracelets


We tried hard to think what it must be like to have no home.  We joined in with “Share the Journey” by walking a whole mile with our parent/families/carers while we thought about this.  We all love our home.  It is where we feel safe and loved.

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