Ancient Egyptian Homework

In the first half term we enjoyed learning about the Ancient Egyptians. Some of the aspects we have studied were:

  • Egyptian jobs
  • The River Nile
  • Mummification
  • Tutankhamun
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Gods & Goddesses

To show how much Year 6 learnt and to extend their learning even further, they chose some activities to complete over half term. On our return to school, we shared and celebrated our hard work. It was amazing to see just how much we had learnt about this extremely interesting topic. Some children chose to create electronic presentations, where other children made 3D models. Everybody worked very hard. Well done Year 6!

Year 6 Visit to Safety Works

This week we enjoyed visiting SafetyWorks in Newcastle upon Tyne. We learnt about: Fire prevention in the home What to do it there is a fire at home How to put an unresponsive person in the recovery position Peer pressure Consequences of breaking the law when aged 10+ How to keep safe when using the…Continue Reading

‘Loving’ Liturgy

Last Friday, a small group of Year 6 children planned and led our class in a beautiful liturgy to celebrate of first learning topic in R.E. During our topic we have discussed how we have experienced love in our lives and how God shows his people unconditional love. Our mission is to take the love…Continue Reading

Ancient Egyptians History Workshop

Last Wednesday we were joined by the amazing ‘That History Bloke’. He spent the morning with us sharing his knowledge on this fantastic subject. During the morning, we talked about Pharao hs, Gods and the mummification process. We looked at a range of Egyptian artefacts and had to guess what they were used for. Also,…Continue Reading

Welcome back!

Hi! I would like to say ‘welcome back’ to all children, parents and guardians. The children have settled very well so far in to their final year of primary school. They certainly appear to have the attitude and work ethic of Year 6 children. We are going to work hard and have lots of fun…Continue Reading

Great Exhibition of the North

On Monday Year 6 completed the City Trail of the Great Exhibition of the North. We started outside Newcastle Theatre Royal where we read some poetry. We discussed the permanence of words, once something is written it is final but in this piece the words disappeared after a few seconds and replaced by others. No…Continue Reading

Share the Journey

Year 6 have also been reflecting on the the refugee crisis to mark #RefugeeWeek2018. Pope Francis has challenged us to ‘Share the Journey’ and walk the distance of the world – 24,900 miles! We walked (and ran) around the school yard on Monday to start of the school’s bid to walk the earth. It was…Continue Reading

Order, Order!

Year 6 were visited by two magistrates this week, Emily and Ray, as part of their Humanities topic ‘Crime and Punishment’. In class we have been looking at how crime and punishment has developed over time, right back from the Romans through to the present day. The children have been particularly interested in the different…Continue Reading