This term, Year 6 has been discussing what makes a balanced argument. We have pondered many different questions, such as:

‘Should children eat chocolate?’

‘Should school uniform be banned?’

‘Are zoos a good idea?’

We have enjoyed discussing the pros and cons of each argument and tried to think of new and different ways to convince the other side to change their point of view. We particularly enjoyed holding the debate about whether children should eat chocolate. We elected a chairperson, Belle, who made sure that everyone’s opinions were heard – as per UNICEF’s rights for children (Article 14).

Christmas Crafts

This week Year 6 created double layer Christmas tree cards for their families. Firstly, they decided which colours to use. Then – after they had the templates – they cut around the chosen colours. Next, they folded the main part of the card twice, once this was done, they glued the pieces together to create…Continue Reading

Design Technology – Stockings

As part of their Design Technology topic, and preparations for Christmas, Year 6 have been making felt stockings.  They have enjoyed learning how to sew and to use embellishments to create some fabulous designs. It has been lovely to see them grow in confidence learning a new skill and I’m sure you’ll agree the finished…Continue Reading

Advent Reflection

This week, Year 6 visited church to reflect at the Advent prayer stations. Each station had a different focus and activity, such as: a letter with a prayer to God, what we and God are expecting during Advent, praying to for Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day, linking our prayers in a paper chain and thinking…Continue Reading


At the end of November, KS2 worked with a worship band called Expedition. All the children enjoyed working out to ‘praise aerobics’ and singing worship songs. The children learned that prayer can happen at any time: while washing the dishes, walking the dog or when you’re doing your homework! The band helped the children to…Continue Reading

Ancient Egypt

On Friday, Year 6 children were visited by ‘That History Bloke’ – Richard; who talked to them about the Ancient Egyptians. They managed to squeeze a lot into a morning, learning about lots of different things to do with their current Humanities topic. Some of the topics covered were: embalming; making sure the body is…Continue Reading


  Last week, year 6 were visited by a watercolour artist, who showed them how to use different techniques to create a landscape painting. They began by drawing a stag and then decided which season they would focus on. The children enjoyed learning how to paint trees with tooth brushes. Please see the photographs for…Continue Reading

Loving Liturgy

Year 6 celebrated the end of our class RE topic by holding a Liturgy in the hall. In the Liturgy we thanked God for the people who love us, and who we love, unconditionally. In this topic we have looked at the link between unconditional love and forgiveness and debated whether you can have one…Continue Reading


In Science, we have been looking at Living Things this half term. We have learned about classification, specifically the Linnaeun system, and conducted an experiment to find out what conditions cause mould to grow. Safe to say, Year 6 will be washing their hands more thoroughly next half term! We also made play-doh models of…Continue Reading

Holy Island 2017

Last week the children in Year 6 spent three days on Holy Island. The weather was reasonably kind to us and so we were able to spend nearly all of our time in the beautiful outdoors. Holy Island is a wonderful place steeped in history and incredible beauty. The children hiked and talked and talked…Continue Reading