STEM workshop with Northumbria University

On Friday, years 5 and 6 spent an hour with Amy, a student from Northumbria University. She brought ipads and lots of Lego so we knew we were going to enjoy the workshop before it even started. Our first task was to follow instructions on the ipad to assemble Milo the robot. Working in teams,…Continue Reading

Mapping skills

Year 6 were visited by Geographer, Kieron Young, who spent the morning teaching us how to read Ordnance Survey maps using 4 and 6 figure grid references. Did you know that the numbers running horizontally are called ‘Eastings’ where the ones running vertically are called ‘Northings’? We had fun competitions where we had to find…Continue Reading

Heart and Exercise Investigations

Year 6 worked in groups to devise a question that would allow them to find out more about how exercise affects the heart rate. Questions included: Does 10 minutes of moderate exercise increase the heart rate more than 5 minutes of vigorous exercise? and Which form of exercise causes the greatest increase in heart rate – walking…Continue Reading

Visit to BBC Newcastle

Year 6 had an exciting visit to BBC Newcastle this week. We took part in one of their interactive tours in which you get to see the magic behind TV and radio shows. After hearing about the history of BBC Newcastle, we were given a tour around the building. During the morning, we found out…Continue Reading

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome back everybody! It’s been a pleasure getting to know my new class. They have settled in very well and are already setting a marvelous example as the oldest children in the school.It’s been a busy couple of weeks; we have taken on new roles and responsibilities and shared our hopes, dreams and worries for…Continue Reading

Year 6 visit to York

It was an early start for Year 6 when we took the 7:50 am train to York. Once we had arrived, we headed straight to York Minster where we were met by our guide, Matthew. He showed us around the cathedral, filling our heads with all sorts of interesting facts. Next we walked to York’s…Continue Reading

Lego Club

Lego Club began this week and it was lovely to see all the children being so creative, what wonderful imaginations they have! They were tasked with making something that begins with the letter D. We had dogs, dinosaurs –  a Diplodocus to be specific, dens, diggers and a dancefloor. It was great to watch them…Continue Reading

Leavers’ BBQ

The rain didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves at the Year 6 Leavers’ BBQ. We enjoyed delicious mocktails, yummy burgers and sensational sausages. The games were hilarious and saw us trying to balance balloons between noses whilst dancing, transferring cotton wool on our vaseline-soaked noses from plate to plate, and of course, the limbo! Olivia…Continue Reading