Loving Liturgy

Year 6 celebrated the end of our class RE topic by holding a Liturgy in the hall. In the Liturgy we thanked God for the people who love us, and who we love, unconditionally. In this topic we have looked at the link between unconditional love and forgiveness and debated whether you can have one without the other. We also looked at Rembrandt’s painting of The Prodigal Son and how the artist presented the story in his painting.





In Science, we have been looking at Living Things this half term. We have learned about classification, specifically the Linnaeun system, and conducted an experiment to find out what conditions cause mould to grow. Safe to say, Year 6 will be washing their hands more thoroughly next half term! We also made play-doh models of…Continue Reading

Holy Island 2017

Last week the children in Year 6 spent three days on Holy Island. The weather was reasonably kind to us and so we were able to spend nearly all of our time in the beautiful outdoors. Holy Island is a wonderful place steeped in history and incredible beauty. The children hiked and talked and talked…Continue Reading

Oscar Romero Workshop

On Friday 19th May the whole school took part in ‘Oscar Romero Day’. We were visited by John and Katie from RISE Theatre Group who told us lots about Oscar Romero in a fun and interactive way. Year 6 were invited to take part in a workshop where we learnt more about El Salvador, where…Continue Reading

Death & New Life Liturgy

To rejoice in our ‘Death & New Life’ topic in RE, year 6 took celebrated a liturgy which was planned and led by a group of pupils. As usual, all children were reverant and showed understanding of the importance of stillness and quiet during times of reflection and prayer.   Link to Article 14 –…Continue Reading


We all really enjoyed taking part in a Judo taster session, during which, we practised some of the skills vital to succeeding in the sport: such as balance, agility and speed.  Continue Reading

Barclays Bank

In March Year 6 were visited by some representatives of Barclays Bank. Firstly, we shared our ideas of what we enjoy spending our money on; before suggesting things that our parents have to spend money on. Unsurprisingly there was quite a difference in the results. Next we ranked cards in order of things we need the…Continue Reading


On Friday 27th January, Year 6 and some Year 5 children spent a fabulous day at the Nissan Car Plant in Sunderland. During the day, we took part in a range of activities that required us to be creative and work as part of a team. It was fun getting to know about the various…Continue Reading