Safety Works

On Friday, Year 6 went to Safety Works in Newcastle, where we participated in several workshops, including: water safety, internet safety, road safety, fire safety and first aid.

The RNLI taught us about the different flags on the beach and what they mean, we also learned about jelly fish stings and cold water shock and how to deal with them.

The police discussed online ‘stranger danger’ – there are 3.5 billion people logged in at any one time! They stressed how important it is to have a secure password (something that is difficult to guess), don’t use a name. We also looked at all the positive aspects of the internet.

In the road safety workshop we chatted about the transition to secondary school, the routes changing and using public transport alone. We also recapped the Green Cross Code: stop, look, listen and think (always look right, left and right again.) As well as using pelican and puffin crossings correctly.

In the fire safety section we revisited how important smoke alarms are; how to test them, how many each property should have and how often they need to be tested. We also touched upon BBQ safety- how and when to dispose of the coals.

Finally we all learned how to put somebody into the recovery position.

We had a really fun and educational morning, recapping skills we had already and learning new ones, the Angel had a great day too! #Angel20

SATs Liturgy

Last week Year 6 held a small Liturgy, celebrating their time at Corpus Christi and asking God for guidance during SATs week.  The liturgy was prayerful and reflective and the children were very involved in the process of organising it. They welcomed each other, talked about significant events and created a focal area of objects…Continue Reading

Nissan Trip #angel20

On Friday, Year 6 visited the Nissan car factory in Sunderland and it was so much fun! We learned a lot about how the cars are manufactured and the systems Nissan have in place to enhance productivity. The children worked in teams on an assembly line, making  their own car from Lego parts. At Nissan…Continue Reading

Hot Seating

During Literacy this half term, Year 6 have been reading Skellig by David Almond. We have used the book for lots of activities looking at reading, writing and also drama techniques. We have written character and setting descriptions, looked at the ways that the author creates images in the readers’ minds and how Almond uses…Continue Reading


Our current Year 6 Science topic is Light and Sight. In Week 1 we found out how light travels in straight lines from light sources to our eyes and made a short video clip to help explain this to other children. We then looked at how mirrors reflect light and how they help us to…Continue Reading

Problem Solving with ratios

Whilst some of our class were at St Thomas More, the rest of us conducted an investigation of a ratio problem. Using counters and cubes, the children tried to make different representations of ratios and wrote statements about different patterns. Using visual aids really helped children to understand the concept of ratio and this will…Continue Reading

St Thomas More Challenge Morning

Some of our Year 6 children were invited to St Thomas More to take part in a Literacy and Maths challenge morning. We took along our knitted angel for its first adventure. The knitted angel will visit lots of different places as part of the #angel20 celebrations – can you believe the Angel of the…Continue Reading


This term, Year 6 has been discussing what makes a balanced argument. We have pondered many different questions, such as: ‘Should children eat chocolate?’ ‘Should school uniform be banned?’ ‘Are zoos a good idea?’ We have enjoyed discussing the pros and cons of each argument and tried to think of new and different ways to…Continue Reading

Christmas Crafts

This week Year 6 created double layer Christmas tree cards for their families. Firstly, they decided which colours to use. Then – after they had the templates – they cut around the chosen colours. Next, they folded the main part of the card twice, once this was done, they glued the pieces together to create…Continue Reading

Design Technology – Stockings

As part of their Design Technology topic, and preparations for Christmas, Year 6 have been making felt stockings.  They have enjoyed learning how to sew and to use embellishments to create some fabulous designs. It has been lovely to see them grow in confidence learning a new skill and I’m sure you’ll agree the finished…Continue Reading