Year 5 Cheerleading

On Tuesday year 5 took part in the annual cheerleading and gymnastics festival at Gateshead Leisure Centre. We choreographed a routine to Redfoo  ‘juicy wiggle’ and we certainly got our wiggle on. All of the boys and girls were fantastic and represented  the school to an extremely high standard. We are very proud! Thank you to all who joined us in person and in spirit.

Mr Glickman came to visit.

Mr Glickman visited us this morning and talked about the Passover. He told us about the 10 Plagues and the story of the Passover. He also talked about the sacrificial lamb and the symbolism behind it. He then went on to describe the meal celebrated during the Passover and the symbolism behind it. Mr Glickman…Continue Reading

Turbo bike

Tuesday, 30th October Today Marcus from cycle generation brought his turbo bike into class and we each rode for a minute, trying to go as far as we could. To make things harder in between riding we had to answer on the spot maths questions about the results, including finding totals, differences, halving and dividing.Continue Reading

Philosophy for Children

Philosophy for Children We started the session thinking about ‘What is philosophy?’. We were given a number of different words such as: bravery, choice, duty, teapot, friendship, selflessness and jelly beans, and we had to decide which words related to the idea of philosophy and why. We decided that the words we chose: bravery, choice,…Continue Reading

Mapping Skills with Marcus

We worked with Marcus from cycling generation to develop our mapping skills. We started off by reminding ourselves of the different points on the compass which we talked about and labelled. We then had some time in pairs to explore the map before we started to practice using grid references to locate physical and human…Continue Reading

First Aid Training

  On Monday morning Caroline from Tumbles and Grumbles taught us how to safely give someone CPR.  We first thought about what to do if someone wasn’t breathing and how to check if they were or not. Caroline told us to wait 10 seconds to either feel, see or hear if somebody is breathing. If…Continue Reading


This half term some of the children are doing their bikeability certificate. Over the next few weeks they will be learning the skills that will make them road safe and able to ride safely and confidently out on the road.Continue Reading

Basketball Competition

Some of Year 5 had the chance to participate in a Basketball competition last night and it was great fun!  We came up against some strong teams but the children gave  100% effort and Miss Simblet was very proud!  Big well done to Owen, Ivah, Noah, Dimitri and Renata.      Continue Reading

World Book Day

Last week, Corpus Christi battled in the snow and managed to come into school to celebrate world book day! We had chosen to come to school in our pyjamas and bring along a book and a teddy from home. Year 5 took part in some wonderful activities; we made animated book marks and took part…Continue Reading