Oscar Romero

On Friday Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic workshop hosted by  Rise Theatre, all about Oscar Romero. We found out a  lot  about where Oscar Romero came from and what it would have been like to live there. We first located El Salvador on the map and then Kate and John told us all about the people from El Salvador. We found out that 90%of the people were farmers and would spend 12 hours a day in the scorching sun picking things like coffee,cotton and fruits. We then heard about how cruel the landowners were, they were very rich, yet did not help the farmers. In the afternoon we all enjoyed a play about the life of Oscar Romero.


On Wednesday eight Year 5 pupils attended a multiskills event at St Thomas More School. We had to work as a team and navigate the ten stations to collect as many points as we could. Our favourite station was the obstacle course and the running slalom. Mrs Mason and Miss Ridley thought we did fantastic…Continue Reading

22 Sheds

Over the next term Year 5 will be taking part in a project run by an organisation called 22 Sheds. It is based around Coatsworth Road and will focus heavily on the rejuvenation of the road. We turned into mini photographers and began building up a portfolio of images on Coatsworth Road in particular the…Continue Reading

Session 3- 22 Sheds

On Tuesday we spent some time looking at Art, in particular some art by famous painter Pablo Picasso. We thought carefully about perspective and form. We had lots of fun looking at the art work and trying to show others in the class our perspective, and what we see in the painting. Have a look…Continue Reading


On Thursday Year 5 took part in a Judo taster session ran by John from destination @britishjudo .  He spent some time showing the children what it takes to be a good Judo player and the children got the chance to try out some of their new moves on each other. if anyone is interested…Continue Reading

Tesco Easter Visit

We enjoyed our Christmas workshop with Margaret from Tesco so much we invited her back to do do an Easter themed workshop. We looked at the history of the hot cross buns as well as looking at the ingredients- we even got to have a  taste. We then moved onto looking at the tradition of…Continue Reading


On Friday Year 5 held a lovely class liturgy in the hall on the topic of memorial sacrifice. We planned the liturgy as a class and put together our ideas to prepare our liturgy. Article 30 You have the right to practice your own culture, language and religion or any you choose.  Continue Reading


On Friday 3rd March, the whole school took part in a Boccia tournament. Boccia is a Paralympic sport, similar to bowls, where participants play to get their Boccia ball closest to the Jack. the only rule being one buttock has to remain in contact with their seat at all times. The children thoroughly enjoyed the…Continue Reading

Viking Workshop

We had a fantastic visit from Richard ‘The History Bloke’where he introduced us to our new humanities topic-The Vikings. He started by telling us a Viking Saga about a viking jarl called Vagnar Hairylegs , where we heard all about his fight against the lingworm. We then looked at Viking armour. Richard had lots of…Continue Reading

Artist Visit

Last week we had a visit from an Artist called Jenny who spent the day with us doing some viking inspired Art. We started the morning looking at some viking history, which got us really excited for our Viking topic in Humanities which we will be looking at next half term. We then designed our…Continue Reading