Newcastle University Workshop

Last Friday, Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in a workshop ran by graduate students from Newcastle University. They took part in activities and talked about going to university – future aspirations.

The ladies loved working with our class and told Miss Simblet they were a very enthusiastic group of children! We enjoyed this workshop very much.


Corpus Clay Day

Year Five are currently taking part in an exciting project with the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead where they are working with an artist to create their own fabulous piece of art. Today, the local artist who we are working with came to visit us at our school to start creating our pieces. We spoke…Continue Reading

Year 5 Trip to Gibside

On Monday Year 5 enjoyed a class trip to Gibside. Despite the weather we enjoyed a day full of activities and adventure. In the morning we trekked into the woods and found a clearing,  where in teams Sarah our guide challenged us to build our own shelters. We first discussed what would make a good…Continue Reading

22 Sheds

We continued with our Joseph Cornell inspired boxes this week. We collected items to complete our designs. Next week is our last session before the shop on Coatsworth Road opens this Summer to showcase our designs. The grand opening will be 31st August.    Continue Reading

Life Centre

On Tuesday we visited the life centre as part of both our Geography and Science topics. The morning session focused on our Geography topic ‘Natural Resources’ and looked in depth at plastics and recycling. We learn a lot about the composition of plastic and its many purpose and types. We then looked at the complicated…Continue Reading

22 Sheds Session 5

On Monday we continued our work on the 22 sheds project and we finally began to put together our ‘coatsworth in a box’ inspired by Cornell. We used our research from the library and our visits to the road and picked a person or shop which we were interested in. Sarah then challenged us to…Continue Reading

Session 4 Archive Search at GatesheadCentral Library

Session 4 Archive Search at Gateshead Central Library On Tuesday we continued our 22 sheds project at the Central Library. We met Simon who works at the library, and who introduced us to some of the many archives held at the library in particular some of those linked to Coatsworth Road. First Simon recapped some…Continue Reading