Corpus Christi Arts Council

This year we have established an Arts Council at Corpus Christi. This is a group of children who enjoy and are passionate about the arts; music, dance, drama and visual arts. Their aim is to represent the views of all pupils in the school and to improve the arts provision at Corpus Christi and make it even better.

The council will meet on several occasions throughout the year to share and discuss their ideas, and those of other children from our classes and how to make them happen. Pupils will take on leadership roles within activities relevant to their skills, and provide support in planning and carrying out tasks.

Meet our Arts Council:

Basketball Competition

Some of Year 5 had the chance to participate in a Basketball competition last night and it was great fun!  We came up against some strong teams but the children gave  100% effort and Miss Simblet was very proud!  Big well done to Owen, Ivah, Noah, Dimitri and Renata.      Continue Reading

World Book Day

Last week, Corpus Christi battled in the snow and managed to come into school to celebrate world book day! We had chosen to come to school in our pyjamas and bring along a book and a teddy from home. Year 5 took part in some wonderful activities; we made animated book marks and took part…Continue Reading

Viking Visits

Over the past few weeks, Year five started looking at their new topic all about the Vikings and we have learnt so much already! We have been lucky enough to have two fantastic visits recently, one from a fabulous watercolour artist called Jenny and another from Richard- That History Bloke! With Jenny, we created some…Continue Reading

Viking Homework

    Over the half term, Year Five were set a homework challenge where they had the choice to choose what homework they wanted to complete all about the Vikings! We are starting our new topic this half term all about the Vikings so this was a brilliant opportunity for the children to get a…Continue Reading

Shipley History Visit in School

Over the years ,our class have been involved a lot in working with the Shipley Art Gallery and this morning , we had a visit from a lady who has worked with us a lot and she talked about the history of the art gallery and also Gateshead.  We recently created a piece of artwork…Continue Reading


At the end of November, KS2 worked with a worship band called Expedition. All the children enjoyed working out to ‘praise aerobics’ and singing worship songs. The children learned that prayer can happen at any time: while washing the dishes, walking the dog or when you’re doing your homework! The band helped the children to…Continue Reading

Newcastle University Workshop

Last Friday, Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in a workshop ran by graduate students from Newcastle University. They took part in activities and talked about going to university – future aspirations. The ladies loved working with our class and told Miss Simblet they were a very enthusiastic group of children! We enjoyed…Continue Reading

Corpus Clay Day

Year Five are currently taking part in an exciting project with the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead where they are working with an artist to create their own fabulous piece of art. Today, the local artist who we are working with came to visit us at our school to start creating our pieces. We spoke…Continue Reading