Half term Challenge

During half term Year 5 were tasked with a homework challenge to prepare us for our new history topic-The Mayans. Mrs Mason was blown away with the effort we had clothes, cakes, masks, models,poems, quizzes, facts and more.  Well done Year 5! A fantastic display!



Article 13

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.


Go Run for Fun!

On the last day of term Year 2,3 and 5 took part in the I ntu Metrocentre Go Run for Fun in Saltwell Park. It was a glorious day and the children were excellent!  We particularly enjoyed the warm up as Mrs Davison had already given us a sneak preview! Article 13 You have the right…Continue Reading


In our science lesson today, we enjoyed learning about metamorphosis and because it was such a nice day, we took our learning outside! We worked in pairs to find clues and complete the lifecycles of a range of animals who experiences metamorphosis in their cycle of life. We then compared the similarities and differences between…Continue Reading

Food Tasting Day

On Monday we celebrated an international food tasting day in Year 5. We chose the country Russia, as we have been reading a traditional Russian narrative in our literacy and we wanted to learn more about the country, in particular the cuisine. We were lucky enough to start the day off with a visit from…Continue Reading


Last week, we planned how we would carry out some Hapa Zome: printing plants with hammers art. We researched, as well as watched videos, about materials and equipment needed. We then planned out a step by step guide of how to print plants with hammers. On Monday we carried out a carousel of activities based…Continue Reading

Music Workshop

KS1 and 2 enjoyed a music workshop based on the music style-Pop. We looked back at through the decades starting with the 1950’s when the pop charts began. We looked at artists, fashions and popular music from each decade. We also looked at dance moves from each era. The 1950’s introduced us to Elvis, hound…Continue Reading


On the last day of term Year 5 enjoyed a day trip to Gibside to work on our team building skills. We started the morning off in groups carrying out short presentations about a chosen subject, testing out our communication skills within groups. We then joined together as a class to enjoy some team building…Continue Reading

Viking Art

On Thursday Year 5 welcomed artists Jenny and Sarah into class to teach us some water colour skills. Sarah and Jenny started by talking to us about the Viking invasion at Lindisfarne, setting the scene for our painting. We then took part in some warm up activities which helped us to draw detailed Viking long…Continue Reading

Show Racism the Red Card

Tina and Valerie from show year 5 racism the red card visited on Thursday. We started the morning looking at world views and what influences them. We realised there were lots of outside influences that sometimes help us make decisions. We then played a game called ‘Who am I’. In groups we had to decide…Continue Reading