Volcano Research

On Friday we researched different ways of creating a working volcano. We used the internet to look in to the different ways we could try to make a volcano erupt using every day items. We found a number of different ways, the most popular being using a fizzy drink and mentos mints. We evaluated this method as a class and realised although we did want to create a large eruption we also needed to be safe in the classroom. The other alternative was to create the eruption using baking powder, water, vinegar and soap. We decided that this would be the better option as it was safe and the items we needed were easy to source. We planned out a set of instructions on how to make the eruption together in pairs.

On Tuesday, we got into groups and began to construct the outside of our volcano. We began designing around a plastic bottle using card, tissue paper, and crepe paper. Once we had designed the volcano we followed our instructions in order to create an eruption.



Article 13

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.




On Monday afternoons Year 5 are going to be taking part in some Tri-Golf coaching for the next six weeks. Our coach Brian was very impressed with the start we made and some of us look like we could become quite the golfers! We will keep you updated on our progress.   Article 29 Your…Continue Reading

Prayer Station

Tuesday 18th December 2018 Year 5 visited the prayer stations in the hall. We visited each station and spent time reflecting during this special time of advent. We spent time focusing, wishing, waiting, praying, hoping and connecting with the birth of Jesus. By the end of the morning we felt we had changed our focus…Continue Reading

Christmas Treat

On Thursday Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a well deserved Christmas treat to the pictures to see The Grinch. We had an amazing time and back at school we enjoyed pizza and chips all together. A great day was had by all.  Merry Christmas!   A     Article 31 You have the right to…Continue Reading

School Nurse

On Monday KS2 were visited by the  school nurse Annette and she reminded us of some basic hygiene we may have forgotten especially how to wash our hands correctly. She showed us a good technique to use and reminded us we should be spending the length of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice…Continue Reading

Year 5 Cheerleading

On Tuesday year 5 took part in the annual cheerleading and gymnastics festival at Gateshead Leisure Centre. We choreographed a routine to Redfoo  ‘juicy wiggle’ and we certainly got our wiggle on. All of the boys and girls were fantastic and represented  the school to an extremely high standard. We are very proud! Thank you…Continue Reading

Mr Glickman came to visit.

Mr Glickman visited us this morning and talked about the Passover. He told us about the 10 Plagues and the story of the Passover. He also talked about the sacrificial lamb and the symbolism behind it. He then went on to describe the meal celebrated during the Passover and the symbolism behind it. Mr Glickman…Continue Reading

Turbo bike

Tuesday, 30th October Today Marcus from cycle generation brought his turbo bike into class and we each rode for a minute, trying to go as far as we could. To make things harder in between riding we had to answer on the spot maths questions about the results, including finding totals, differences, halving and dividing.Continue Reading

Philosophy for Children

Philosophy for Children We started the session thinking about ‘What is philosophy?’. We were given a number of different words such as: bravery, choice, duty, teapot, friendship, selflessness and jelly beans, and we had to decide which words related to the idea of philosophy and why. We decided that the words we chose: bravery, choice,…Continue Reading