Corpus Christi Arts Council

This year we have established an Arts Council at Corpus Christi. This is a group of children who enjoy and are passionate about the arts; music, dance, drama and visual arts. Their aim is to represent the views of all pupils in the school and to improve the arts provision at Corpus Christi and make it even better.

The council will meet on several occasions throughout the year to share and discuss their ideas, and those of other children from our classes and how to make them happen. Pupils will take on leadership roles within activities relevant to their skills, and provide support in planning and carrying out tasks.

Meet our Arts Council:

Year 4 Skipping Festival

After weeks of practise, Year 4 got the chance to show off their skipping skills at the Gateshead SSP Skipping Festival. Last half term, they took part in a skipping taster session and since then the progress has been phenomenal! Children have perfected their skipping techniques and gained confidence to try new skills. At the…Continue Reading

Football Festival

On the 16th May, a team of Year 4 children had the chance to represent Corpus Christi at a football festival at St Thomas More School. They showed off their excellent team work and communication skills in all 4 matches and demonstrated superb sportsmanship towards the other schools. They gave 110% and did the school…Continue Reading

Lent Liturgy

At the beginning of this half term, Year 4 planned their own Lenten Liturgy to celebrate their learning about how Christians show Self-Discipline during the season of Lent. The children set up a beautiful and meaningful focal point, reflecting on the signs and symbols of Lent to remember how during the Penitential season we tried…Continue Reading

Year 4 charity visit

Year 4 were visited by David from a homeless charity called ‘Youth Homeless North East’. Before his visit, we thought about questions that we wanted to ask to help us to find out more about homelessness in our local area. We made links between the questions that we had and those a reader may have…Continue Reading

Mini-beast Art

To compliment our science topic ‘Living things and their habitats’, we produced some Mini-beast inspired art. We were lucky enough to be visited by Jenny Ulyatt, a professional water-colour artist. We looked at different photographs of insects and practised some observational drawing looking at shapes and patterns. Next, we practised mixing watercolours on a piece…Continue Reading

Dance Festival

  Before the holidays, Year 4 proudly represented Corpus Christi at the Gateshead SSP Dance Festival at the Sage. To prepare, they rehearsed weekly and even designed and made their own colourful tie-dye creations to add a splash of colour to their ‘Joseph’ performance. On the night, the children smiled, bounced and jived their way…Continue Reading

Jarrow Hall

During our exciting trip to Jarrow Hall we explored the life of an Anglo-Saxon farmer. As we walked around the farm, we discussed the crops that Anglo-Saxons grew as well as the animals that they reared and what their uses were. We explored a replica Anglo-Saxon village, enjoying exploring the Chief’s house. We looked at…Continue Reading

A day in the life of an Anglo-Saxon Monk

This week, Year 4 were very excited to be visited by ‘That History Bloke’ Richard. We learned all about the different jobs that Anglo-Saxon Monks did each day realising just how important and influential Anglo-Saxon monks were. We explored the writings of an Anglo-Saxon Monk as it is thanks to their writings that historians (like…Continue Reading

French Weather Report

La météo dans Paris In French this half term, year 4 have been learning how to talk about the weather building up to writing their own news report about the weather in France. The class practised reading their reports out loud and then confidently performed their reports to the class. Madame Hawkins was incredibly impressed…Continue Reading