The story of Rang-tan

This week in Year 4, we have been learning about the rainforest and, in particular, deforestation. We have watched documentaries and discussed what it is and why it is such a problem in our world. Throughout the week we have discussed big questions such as:

Are animals as important as humans?

Should people care more about doing the right thing, or about doing things right?

We have debated about the topic of deforestation from the perspective of a number different people – tourists, local people, conservationists and loggers, and tried to come up with a compromise that might help. By doing this, the children realised just how big the problem is and how it isn’t an easy one to rectify.

The children have been particularly affected by the plight of the orang-utan, and we were all shocked to hear that if nothing is done to help conserve the species, there will be no orang-utans left in only 7 years!

As a class we watched this video by Greenpeace, who are working to help save the orang-utans. It only lasts 90 seconds, but it’s 90 seconds you won’t forget in a hurry! Please take a moment to watch it and, if you feel you’d like to, sign the petition.

This week our lessons have been linked to Unicef’s Children’s Rights, promoting children’s right to find out information about their world, express their opinions and have them taken seriously by their peers and the adults around them.

Exploring Saltwell Park

Last week, Year 4 visited Saltwell Park for a combined Science and Art experience. In Science we have been looking at Living Things and their Habitats so it was important that we viewed that first hand in our local area. We enjoyed looking at the nature in the park and discovering the different types of…Continue Reading

Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 have gotten off to a roaring start this year at Corpus Christi. We have been so busy learning lots of new things, we had almost forgotten to tell you about them! In Literacy, we have been learning lots of new features to include in our writing, for example, fronted adverbials and prepositional phrases.…Continue Reading

Refugee Week

During ‘Refugee Week’, Year 4 were visited by CAFOD volunteer Maria who helped us to understand the struggles and challenges faced by Refugees and Migrants fleeing their homes. We imagined that we were a family, leaving our home behind. We thought about the key items that we could pack– with some of us thinking practically…Continue Reading

Refugee Week Liturgy

As Refugee Week came to a close, we planned a beautiful   Liturgy to reflect on the messages and learning that we had shared together, and also celebrated our efforts of ‘Sharing the Journey’ with Refugees and Migrants. We reflected on how we all belong to a Communion of Saints and rejoiced in our efforts to…Continue Reading

Year 4 Share the Journey

  Inspired by Pope Francis’ call for us to love our global neighbours, Year 4 took part in the ‘Share the Journey’ campaign to show support and solidarity to Refugees and Migrants. As a class, we walked 49 miles to support the global campaign to walk 24,900 miles which is the distance around the Earth.…Continue Reading

Football Philosophy

Throughout the Year, Year 4 have taken part in Philosophy 4 Children enquiries. They have enjoyed developing their thinking and questioning skills, making mature and insightful links to ‘Big ideas’ in the world. The class love their enquiries as they can be creative, work with children whom they might not normally work with and are…Continue Reading

Year 4 Skipping Festival

After weeks of practise, Year 4 got the chance to show off their skipping skills at the Gateshead SSP Skipping Festival. Last half term, they took part in a skipping taster session and since then the progress has been phenomenal! Children have perfected their skipping techniques and gained confidence to try new skills. At the…Continue Reading