Christmas Crafts

Year 4 were lucky enough to visit the Shipley Art Gallery again this half-term, this time for some festive fun to get them into the Christmas spirit. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own Christmas decorations each with their own unique designs that I hope they will hang with pride on their Christmas trees for many Christmases to come!




At the end of November, KS2 worked with a worship band called Expedition. All the children enjoyed working out to ‘praise aerobics’ and singing worship songs. The children learned that prayer can happen at any time: while washing the dishes, walking the dog or when you’re doing your homework! The band helped the children to…Continue Reading

Science Experiment

Year 4 have been scientists this half term, carrying out their own enquiry investigating the links between what we drink and the possibility of tooth decay. We decided which liquids to test during their enquiry and discussed how to make sure that they had a fair test. During the experiment, eggs were placed into the…Continue Reading

An Evacuee’s Suitcase

This week, Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed exploring an evacuee’s suitcase filled with WW2 memorabilia . We found out that the suitcase belonged to a young boy who, in 1940, was evacuated from Newcastle to Penrith. We looked through the suitcase and found lots of exciting artefacts from the 1940s including a ration book, a well-loved…Continue Reading

People Liturgy

During our RE topic this half term, we have explored what the word family means to us. In our class liturgy, we reflected on the joys and sorrows of family life and thanked God for blessing us with our families. We celebrated being part of the Corpus Christi school family as well as being united…Continue Reading

Saltwell Park

This half term Year 4 have visited Saltwell Park as part of our ‘living things and their habitats’ science topic. Whilst there, we completed a scavenger hunt to find vertebrates and invertebrates. We practised our classifying skills to identify the animals we saw by their characteristics. We enjoyed collecting autumn leaves which we used to…Continue Reading

Problem Solving

This half term Year 4 have been focusing on their problem-solving skills in maths, looking at place value, negative numbers and rounding to 10 and 100, with some children keen to have a go at rounding to 1000! The children have shared that they enjoy a challenge and have shown perseverance when having a go…Continue Reading

Skipping Festival

Last term, Year 4 participated in the Gateshead Schools Skipping Festival and it was a brilliant day had by all! We practiced very hard in the run up to the festival and it paid off as many children won silver and bronze certificates. Children took part in individual events, pair’s competitions and also big team…Continue Reading