Refugee Week

During ‘Refugee Week’, Year 4 were visited by CAFOD volunteer Maria who helped us to understand the struggles and challenges faced by Refugees and Migrants fleeing their homes. We imagined that we were a family, leaving our home behind. We thought about the key items that we could pack– with some of us thinking practically packing first aid kits and money, whilst others were keen to pack their iPads. We followed a family’s story travelling by truck, foot and by boat as they began to lose their belongings and even worse, lose their family members! This helped us to understand and appreciate that was is important is not the material possessions we have, but those things that we cannot see and sometimes take for granted: love, safety and hope. We gathered in prayer to think about how we could challenge negative perceptions about the Refugee Crisis and gave thanks for the opportunities that we have to live happily and safely as part of the Corpus Christi family.



Refugee Week Liturgy

As Refugee Week came to a close, we planned a beautiful   Liturgy to reflect on the messages and learning that we had shared together, and also celebrated our efforts of ‘Sharing the Journey’ with Refugees and Migrants. We reflected on how we all belong to a Communion of Saints and rejoiced in our efforts to…Continue Reading

Year 4 Share the Journey

  Inspired by Pope Francis’ call for us to love our global neighbours, Year 4 took part in the ‘Share the Journey’ campaign to show support and solidarity to Refugees and Migrants. As a class, we walked 49 miles to support the global campaign to walk 24,900 miles which is the distance around the Earth.…Continue Reading

Football Philosophy

Throughout the Year, Year 4 have taken part in Philosophy 4 Children enquiries. They have enjoyed developing their thinking and questioning skills, making mature and insightful links to ‘Big ideas’ in the world. The class love their enquiries as they can be creative, work with children whom they might not normally work with and are…Continue Reading

Year 4 Skipping Festival

After weeks of practise, Year 4 got the chance to show off their skipping skills at the Gateshead SSP Skipping Festival. Last half term, they took part in a skipping taster session and since then the progress has been phenomenal! Children have perfected their skipping techniques and gained confidence to try new skills. At the…Continue Reading

Football Festival

On the 16th May, a team of Year 4 children had the chance to represent Corpus Christi at a football festival at St Thomas More School. They showed off their excellent team work and communication skills in all 4 matches and demonstrated superb sportsmanship towards the other schools. They gave 110% and did the school…Continue Reading

Lent Liturgy

At the beginning of this half term, Year 4 planned their own Lenten Liturgy to celebrate their learning about how Christians show Self-Discipline during the season of Lent. The children set up a beautiful and meaningful focal point, reflecting on the signs and symbols of Lent to remember how during the Penitential season we tried…Continue Reading

Year 4 charity visit

Year 4 were visited by David from a homeless charity called ‘Youth Homeless North East’. Before his visit, we thought about questions that we wanted to ask to help us to find out more about homelessness in our local area. We made links between the questions that we had and those a reader may have…Continue Reading

Mini-beast Art

To compliment our science topic ‘Living things and their habitats’, we produced some Mini-beast inspired art. We were lucky enough to be visited by Jenny Ulyatt, a professional water-colour artist. We looked at different photographs of insects and practised some observational drawing looking at shapes and patterns. Next, we practised mixing watercolours on a piece…Continue Reading