Welcome back to school!

First of all, a big welcome back to school! Year 3 have settled in really well and have adapted to life in the Juniors without any problems.

During this half term, Year 3 are working with a basketball coach each Monday afternoon. They have been learning how to pass and dribble the ball as well as practicing their shooting skills. Everyone is enjoying the sessions and they are taking part in a sensible and sporting manner.

Our Rights Respecting link: Article 31-You have the right to rest and play

Year 3 allotment visit

Year 3 are involved in an inter-generational gardening project focusing on meeting elderly residents from a local care home. The venue is the Big Local Allotment in Bensham, opposite Armstrong House. Over four sessions the children are finding out how to maintain and run an allotment. They have been involved in weeding, planting, sieving soil…Continue Reading

Year 3 go roaming around a Roman fort!

For our end of year trip, Year 3 had a great day out visiting the Roman fort of Arbeia in South Shields. First we had a session of hands-on archaeology where the children found lots of evidence of Roman remains. They also looked at a range of artifacts such as pottery, metal work and bones.…Continue Reading

Our S.T.E.M week visitors

In Corpus Christi this week, we have been raising the children’s awareness of careers that use science, technology, engineering and maths- or S.T.E.M. for short. To help us do this we have had three really interesting visitors to Year 3. First was Mr. Nelson, who works for Nissan. He explained all about the robots and…Continue Reading

3D Shapes

Year 3 have been making some fantastic skeleton models of 3-D shapes using straws and plasticine. This has really helped the children to develop their language about the properties of shapes.                                                Continue Reading

Green Fingers in Year 3

Year 3 are currently involved in a community project to learn about growing flowers and vegetables. This linked with our science topic on plants perfectly! Earlier in the month we carefully planted some seeds and then placed them on the windowsill in the classroom. We have watered them and now have a jungle of plants…Continue Reading

Roman Invasion!

Year 3 recently had a great morning learning all about the Romans as part of our history topic. We were able to handle lots of different artifacts, dressed in togas, wrote with a stylus and ink and played the Roman game of rota. We even learnt some Latin commands and the names of different parts…Continue Reading


At the end of November, KS2 worked with a worship band called Expedition. All the children enjoyed working out to ‘praise aerobics’ and singing worship songs. The children learned that prayer can happen at any time: while washing the dishes, walking the dog or when you’re doing your homework! The band helped the children to…Continue Reading

Armstrong House Visit

Year 3 were recently invited to visit Armstrong House. They met and worked with some of the residents making a variety of Christmas crafts and decorations. We received a lovely welcome and the children really enjoyed chatting with the old folk! We will be returning with the other half of the class on Tuesday December…Continue Reading