Year 3 try Stone Age cave painting

The children have really enjoyed our humanities topic about the Stone Age. To finish off our work, we have been learning about how and why Stone Age people decorated their caves with paintings of animals. We will use our wonderful pictures to make our own cave painting display.

Year 3 get green fingers!

Year 3 have been working with a social and therapeutic horticulturalist over a number of sessions to find out how to plant bulbs, sow seeds and take cuttings from plants. The sessions are taking place here in school and also in three local care homes where the children will meet and work with the residents.…Continue Reading

Year 3 Visit Arbeia

On Friday, Year 3 had a fantastic trip to see the remains of a Roman fort in South Shields. The fort, called Arbeia, was a supply base for Hadrian’s Wall which ended just across the river Tyne in Wallsend. As you will see from the photographs, there was a lot to see and do. First…Continue Reading

Year 3 Eucharist Liturgy

Year 3 worked really hard to plan and organise a lovely liturgy to conclude their topic about the Eucharist. We gathered together around a large purple cloth on which we placed grapes and bread to represent the gifts. Article 13 “You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others,…Continue Reading

Roman Invasion!

Year 3 came back from half term to find we had been invaded by a Roman time traveller! The children had a full morning with RIchard (That History Bloke) who came to tell us all about life in Roman times to link with our history topic. We found out so much and I was really impressed…Continue Reading

Year 3 Go To Gosforth Synagogue

As part of our RE curriculum we learn about other world religions. Year 3 recently explored aspects of Judaism with a particular focus on the Synagogue- the Jewish place of worship. To add to the children’s learning and understanding we organised a visit to the large synagogue in Gosforth along with Year 4. First of all, we…Continue Reading

Synagogue Visit

On Thursday 15th November, Year 3 and 4 are off to visit a synagogue in Gosforth. This is part of our RE work on other world faiths and it will give us the opportunity to see up close what happens inside. Can we remind you that in keeping with Jewish custom, all boys must bring a…Continue Reading