More allotment pictures!

The second group of children had their visit to the Big Local allotment last Friday. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the children learnt about lots of different vegetables such as radishes, squashes, pumpkins, carrots and leeks! They then watered all of the plants and collected seeds from the flowers that have been cut down.

UNICEF Article 29- Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.


Lego Club

Lego Club began this week and it was lovely to see all the children being so creative, what wonderful imaginations they have! They were tasked with making something that begins with the letter D. We had dogs, dinosaurs –  a Diplodocus to be specific, dens, diggers and a dancefloor. It was great to watch them…Continue Reading

Year 3 visit an allotment

Welcome back to school after the Summer holidays. Year 3 have made a great start to life in the juniors and have been working really hard. On Friday, half of the children had the opportunity to visit and work in an allotment run by the Big Local organisation. They learnt all about safety and how…Continue Reading

Arbeia Roman fort

Last Friday, we had our end of year trip to Arbeia Roman fort in South Shields. There was so much to see and do! First we found out about archaeology and had a go at digging for artifacts in the Timequest area. Some of us even found a skull! Next we had a tour of…Continue Reading

Healthy Eating

Today Year 3, 4 and 5 took part in a healthy eating workshop with Marcus from cycle generation. We discussed the food groups and how much sugar our body is allowed on a daily basis. We realised that we often go over our daily allowance without realising. We then had a go at designing a…Continue Reading


On Monday some of the children took part in a quad kids competition taking part in four activities to collect points for their teams and themselves. The events were a standing long jump, vortex howler throw, sprint and a long distance race. We all did fantastically despite the weather! We hope to put our skills…Continue Reading

Go Run for Fun!

On the last day of term Year 2,3 and 5 took part in the I ntu Metrocentre Go Run for Fun in Saltwell Park. It was a glorious day and the children were excellent!  We particularly enjoyed the warm up as Mrs Davison had already given us a sneak preview! Article 13 You have the right…Continue Reading

Music Workshop

KS1 and 2 enjoyed a music workshop based on the music style-Pop. We looked back at through the decades starting with the 1950’s when the pop charts began. We looked at artists, fashions and popular music from each decade. We also looked at dance moves from each era. The 1950’s introduced us to Elvis, hound…Continue Reading


Year 3 recently had a great morning with Richard “The History Bloke” learning all about the Romans as part of our history topic. We were able to handle lots of different artifacts, dressed up in togas, wrote with a stylus and ink and played the Roman game of rota. We even learnt some Latin commands and…Continue Reading