Here comes Santa Claus!

Key Stage 1 celebrated Jesus’ Birthday with a fantastic Christmas party. Games were played, we saw some wonderful dancing, food was eaten and then to cap it all guess who made an appearance? Santa Claus himself! The children were even convinced that they saw the reindeer disappearing into the clouds at home time. We hope you all have a lovely holiday, Merry Christmas!

Year 1 go on a Journey to Bethlehem.

Today, Year 1 went on a ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. We separated into groups with Miss Blackie and Mrs Jones and then visited the prayer stations set up in the hall to remember what Advent and Christmas is all about. The children enjoyed completing the prayers and activities and are almost ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.…Continue Reading

Operation Encompass

Last week, Ged a policeman  came to Year 1 to deliver a workshop all about looking after ourselves. The children got into groups and talked about people who are important to them. They also talked about situations which made them feel good or bad. The session ended with a story about feelings too.Continue Reading

Fun in Numeracy!

Recently in  Numeracy lessons, Year 1 have had lots of fun learning to make number bonds through working practically with different kinds of equipment before recording our number sentences. The children can use cubes. Numicon and Cuisenaire to make number bonds of a given total. Look at some of the ways we have been working.…Continue Reading

Following Instructions

In Literacy, Year 1 have recently been learning how to read and write instructions. We have also been learning to recognise which animals hibernate for the winter in Science lessons. Last week we read some instructions for how to make a plastercine hedgehog, which is an animal who does hibernate. We think we followed the…Continue Reading

Toys from Long Ago

Year 1 have been learning about toys from the past this half-term. Watching Magic Grandad, we have traveled back in time with him to find out about toys in the 1970’s, the 1950’s and 60’s and toys in Victorian times. We also borrowed a Box of Delights from the Discovery Museum in Newcastle which contained…Continue Reading

More than Dance

Year 1 really enjoyed our recent Liturgical dance workshop and Liturgy with the More than Dance company on the theme of ‘The God who speaks’. We quickly learned a lovely dance in our classroom and then performed it during a whole school liturgy in the afternoon. We also enjoyed watching all of the other classes…Continue Reading

Our new Year 1.

The children in Year 1 have made the big transition from Reception Class and have settled down well into Key Stage 1. Miss Blackie and Mrs Jones are very proud of them all. It is a big jump moving up the stairs to work on the top floor when you are used to working downstairs…Continue Reading

A super seaside visit.

Year 1 had an amazing day on Wednesday visiting The Angel of the North, South Marine Park and South Shields beach. Lots of our work this term in Literacy, Geography and History has focused on learning about seaside environments. The children have labelled maps of seaside resorts, looked at aerial photographs of the seaside, learned…Continue Reading