“Together in Time” workshop

Last week, Year 1 were lucky to be selected to participate in a music workshop titled “Together in Time” with Dr Kelly Jakubowski from Durham University and in collaboration with Gem Arts. The children had lots of fun exploring and making sounds with simple percussion instruments. They also enjoyed composing simple pieces and then performing their music in small groups to the rest of the class who acted as their audience.   An enjoyable afternoon was had by all!

Families Liturgy

Year 1 celebrated the end of our class RE topic based on the Domestic Church-Families by holding a class liturgy which the children all participated in planning themselves. They celebrated God’s love and care for every family in a very respectful way.Continue Reading

Food Technology in Year 1

This term, Year 1 have been studying  basic food technology and they have had fun preparing a simple fruit salad. The children learned that they need to keep their hands, equipment and surfaces clean when preparing food. They had a lovely time making a selection from the delicious fruits available. It was hard putting them…Continue Reading

Neighbours Liturgy

Year 1 celebrated the end of our class RE topic by holding a Liturgy in class. In the Liturgy we thanked God for our neighbours in school, at home and also our global neighbours. This year the children have learned lots about being Good Samaritans and they are ready to move into Year 2 now, and have…Continue Reading

Seaside Fun at South Shields

Last week Year 1 celebrated the end of their work about the Seaside by visiting South Shields. They have been comparing a seaside environment with the school’s locality in Bensham during Geography lessons,  and in Literacy  they have been reading and writing their own seaside poems. First of all we visited South Marine park to…Continue Reading

African Week in Year 1

This term Year 1 had great fun during African week sampling the delicious food created by Mrs Clarke and the mums who came in to share their expertise. It was delicious! We also enjoyed watching the Lions of Zulu Land performing and taking part in a dance workshop with them. Later in the week we…Continue Reading

A visit back to Medieval times.

On Thursday, Year 1 went back in time to the Medieval ages when they visited the Castle Keep in Newcastle. The children enjoyed exploring the Black Gate and dungeon before going into the keep and investigating the chapel and Great Hall. They had lots of fun carrying out a medieval dance and then used the rest…Continue Reading

Boccia fun.

Year 1 have participated in an exciting sporting activity in the school hall with a sports coach who came to visit Corpus Christi for the day. The class was organised into four teams to take part in some games of Boccia which is a sport which is played entirely sitting down on benches. The children had…Continue Reading