Nativity 2017

We proudly put on our costumes and performed our Nativity Play in Church for all our families, Mrs. Wilson said we were the best dancers ever!

Christmas Activities

We’ve been very busy making cards, calendars, decorations, wrapping presents and scattering the glitter!!  But most of all we have enjoyed Christmas themed role play!  We made a stable for Baby Jesus to be born in and dressed as Santa and the elves, made and delivered presents!Continue Reading

Fun in the Snow!

We had just been learning about the seasonal changes in Winter and wishing it would snow this year when the first flurries of this year arrived!  We rushed straight out to experience it in case it was the only snowfall this year!Continue Reading

Reception Class visit to Saltwell Park!

As part of our learning about seasonal change, we went to Saltwell Park to look for signs of Autumn.  We collected a variety of leaves, conkers, berries, leaves, nuts and seeds, some of which we used to make our own special crowns! We asked the many kinds of wildfowl if they were ‘going on holiday’…Continue Reading

Baking Gingerbread Men!

After reading this traditional tale we wanted to make some Gingerbread Men of our own to see if they would run away too!  We found a recipe to read and helped Mrs Conway make a list of ingredients to shop for. We enjoyed measuring out the ingredients and mixing the dough.  We cut out extra…Continue Reading