The Easter Story – a morning of Godly Play

We have been learning about Lent and the Easter Story.  We spent the morning taking part in a Godly Play session.  We gathered in a circle and made the Sign of the Cross.  Mrs Lilley used Godly Play figures to play the first part of the story of Holy Week – Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey.  We had our own parade outside.  “Jesus” and some followers wore robes and rode a “donkey”.  We waved palms (streamers) and played instruments, shouting “Hurray for Jesus!  Jesus is the King!”  Mrs Lilley then continued with the story of Holy Week – the Last Supper, Good Friday, when Jesus died and Easter Sunday, when God gave Jesus a new life.  We played being Jesus being crucified by the Roman soldiers, we made an Easter garden.  We had Easter symbol dominoes and drew what we could remember about Easter.  We found signs of new life.  We gathered back together for the feast.  Mrs Lilley told us about how, when we go to Mass, the priest does what Jesus does at the Last Supper.  We shared and ate bread and shared and drank blackcurrant juice (that looks a bit like wine).  Later in the morning, some of our families came for a short liturgy.  Mrs Wright had written an Easter hymn to the tune of “Twinkle twinkle”.  We sang and prayed.  Everyone took home a sign of new life – beautiful eggs that we had dyed and decorated with Mrs Hohmann earlier this week.  We showed our grown ups how to sign “Happy Easter”.  We kept the dressing up clothes, symbols, cross and Easter garden for the rest of the week.  The children showed their interest by continuing to play out the story.  Today, we took part in the whole school assembly about the Easter Story and later, to our surprise, the Easter bunny came to our nursery and left us so many little, Easter eggs in the nursery garden.  It was great fun finding them.  Happy Easter, everyone!

Nursery – Traditional Tales

This has been such a busy term. We have had fun in our role play area, which has been set up as “The Three Bears’ Cottage”. We have really enjoyed listening to and playing all sorts of traditional tales. The children have loved them. The repetition of familiar phrases really helps with language development. There…Continue Reading

Chinese New Year!

We have been learning about celebrations, preparing the children for how we celebrate Mass.  We learned about how Chinese people celebrate new year, including the story of the animal race.  We made lanterns and tried Chinese writing.  We cleaned and decorated our home corner and tasted noodles and prawn crackers, using Chinese crockery and chopsticks. …Continue Reading

Early days in Nursery

We have had such a busy time in Nursery.  Some children were returning after the summer, looking as if they had grown like sunflowers.  We have also welcomed many new starters who have settled down to enjoy their day.   These first weeks are so important.  The children are getting to know us and the…Continue Reading

Rocking our Socks!!

On Tuesday 21st March, it was Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day.  Everyone in school took  part in various activities to celebrate the day.  First we all came to school rocking our funky socks – even the grown ups!   Take a look at a few of us. Article 23 You have the right to special education…Continue Reading

Chinese New Year – Nursery style!

We have been learning about how we celebrate special times by cleaning and decorating our homes, gathering together, eating special food and singing songs, playing music and using greetings.  This week in nursery, we have been celebrating Chinese New Year.  We cleaned our home corner in nursery and made pictures and lanterns to decorate it.…Continue Reading

Fun in Nursery for Children in Need

The Nursery children really enjoyed wearing spots for Children in Need day on Friday.  The day before, they had kindly made Mrs Lilley a t-shirt to wear by painting spots all over it.  On Friday morning we made our own Pudsey Bear pictures and spotty pictures with “bingo dabbers”.  We were so pleased to see…Continue Reading

Welcome to Nursery

We have had such a busy half term, welcoming all our new children into nursery.  It takes time to settle into a new environment, learning how to do the right things, learning how to share, learning to do things for yourself.  Children learn a great many “lessons for life” during their time with us. Our…Continue Reading