Rocking our Socks!!

On Tuesday 21st March, it was Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day.  Everyone in school took  part in various activities to celebrate the day.  First we all came to school rocking our funky socks – even the grown ups!   Take a look at a few of us.

Article 23

You have the right to special education and care if you have a disability, so that you can live a full life.


From Nursery up to Year 6 we also designed our own special pairs of “funky socks”  Move over Coco Chanel, Armani, Versace and co.!!


Down Syndrome Awareness Day has adopted the colours blue and yellow, so on Tuesday 21st March, the Millennium Bridge and The Sage in Gateshead were lit up in blue and yellow.  To commemorate that we decided to make a whole school picture of the bridge when it was lit up.  During the course of the day, every class from Nursery right up to Year 6 went in turn to the hall to add their bit to our picture.  Below you can see some of us at work and the finished picture. We hope you like it. We are very proud of it.


We have also been busy making our Mother’s day cards, it takes us a little while as each part has to dry before we can put the next bit on.  We also have to do the writing inside the card. We are very pleased with the finished product.  Happy Mother’s Day to all our mammies, we hope you like your card and that you all have a lovely day.



Chinese New Year – Nursery style!

We have been learning about how we celebrate special times by cleaning and decorating our homes, gathering together, eating special food and singing songs, playing music and using greetings.  This week in nursery, we have been celebrating Chinese New Year.  We cleaned our home corner in nursery and made pictures and lanterns to decorate it.…Continue Reading

Fun in Nursery for Children in Need

The Nursery children really enjoyed wearing spots for Children in Need day on Friday.  The day before, they had kindly made Mrs Lilley a t-shirt to wear by painting spots all over it.  On Friday morning we made our own Pudsey Bear pictures and spotty pictures with “bingo dabbers”.  We were so pleased to see…Continue Reading

Welcome to Nursery

We have had such a busy half term, welcoming all our new children into nursery.  It takes time to settle into a new environment, learning how to do the right things, learning how to share, learning to do things for yourself.  Children learn a great many “lessons for life” during their time with us. Our…Continue Reading

Summer term in Nursery

What a lovely time we have had in Nursery this term.  Our role play area changed to a cafe.  We really enjoyed playing with the new tea set and coffee machine using pretend food.  It was even better when we made REAL food to serve and eat in the cafe.  We made crackers and butter…Continue Reading

Busy, busy few weeks in Nursery

Lots of things have happened in Nursery over the last few weeks.  New furniture arrived, which looks lovely.  The home corner has been transformed – it looks like we have moved house!     Would you like a cup of tea?  Maybe a cake to go with it?       Our role play area…Continue Reading

A busy time in Nursery

What a busy few weeks we have had in Nursery!  It all looks so different, we love the new house.  At last we have a door and a window, which we really wanted, and a beautiful new kitchen.  Anyone for tea? Paul in Year 3 very kindly brought us some real live snails, which he…Continue Reading

The last cuckoo!

Oh dear!  Something terrible happened in nursery this week.  Our cuckoo clock stopped working properly.  First the cuckoo forgot how to tell the time and started singing the wrong number of cuckoos and then it stopped working altogether.  We felt very sad because we love our cuckoo clock and use it to talk about the…Continue Reading

This week in nursery …

We had a special visitor this week.  Joanne from Gateshead Library came to see us to read us some stories and talk about the exciting things that you can do at the library.  She brought us some Treasure gift packs with a book to take home.  Thank you, Joanne.  That was so very kind. The…Continue Reading

I baptise you …

This week, in nursery, we have been learning about Baptism.  We found out that when you are baptised, you are welcomed into God’s great big family.  We visited Corpus Christi church, where we met Deacon Tom and his wife, Mary.  We took three of our babies from nursery to be baptised – Lily, Lily and…Continue Reading