Our Local Parish

In our RE topic this half term we are exploring themes of community and responsibility. Last week, we looked at our Parish newsletter to reflect on how members of the Corpus Christi community are committed to serving others. We listened to the words of Bishop Seamus and made a commitment to being ‘cogs’ of the community, to work together as a Parish to be responsible for being kind, loving and selfless – just like Jesus’ apostles. We wanted to share some examples of our prayers that we wrote to our Parish community, to ask for support and guidance in helping us in our own missions to make a difference in our local and global community.
Article 15: Children have the right to feel part of groups, organisations and communities.

Advent Activities

During Advent we have been very busy helping those in need. Our reverse Advent calendars enabled us to take 6 big  bin bags very full of gifts to ‘Changing Lives’ who support local families over Christmas. In addition to this, we have  been bringing in items of food for the Gateshead food bank.When it was…Continue Reading

Advent Reflection

This week, Year 6 visited church to reflect at the Advent prayer stations. Each station had a different focus and activity, such as: a letter with a prayer to God, what we and God are expecting during Advent, praying to for Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day, linking our prayers in a paper chain and thinking…Continue Reading


At the end of November, KS2 worked with a worship band called Expedition. All the children enjoyed working out to ‘praise aerobics’ and singing worship songs. The children learned that prayer can happen at any time: while washing the dishes, walking the dog or when you’re doing your homework! The band helped the children to…Continue Reading

New Mini Vinnies

Our new group of Mini Vinnies were commissioned last week. They have made promises to look out for people and need and do their best to help them. Our motto is ‘Turning Concern into Action’ and they will try to do that by ‘seeing. thinking and doing’. We also had a joint planning and pizza…Continue Reading

Families Liturgy

Year 1 celebrated the end of our class RE topic based on the Domestic Church-Families by holding a class liturgy which the children all participated in planning themselves. They celebrated God’s love and care for every family in a very respectful way.Continue Reading

People Liturgy

During our RE topic this half term, we have explored what the word family means to us. In our class liturgy, we reflected on the joys and sorrows of family life and thanked God for blessing us with our families. We celebrated being part of the Corpus Christi school family as well as being united…Continue Reading

Neighbours Liturgy

Year 1 celebrated the end of our class RE topic by holding a Liturgy in class. In the Liturgy we thanked God for our neighbours in school, at home and also our global neighbours. This year the children have learned lots about being Good Samaritans and they are ready to move into Year 2 now, and have…Continue Reading