Rights Respecting Update

We are now a Silver  Rights Aware school and over the next year we are aiming to achieve our Gold Award. The children will be thinking about one anthers rights and the rights of all children in our world across all their lessons and other activities in school.


We will be encouraging them to focus on a different right each week and would like you to be aware of these rights as well.

These are the Articles from the Children’s Charter that we will focus on this half term

Article 31    All children  have the right to  play and rest

Article 39   All children have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated.

Article 2 – All children have rights, no matter who they are

Article 12  All children have the right to be listened to


Thank you for your support

Mrs Wright


Refugee Week

During ‘Refugee Week’, Year 4 were visited by CAFOD volunteer Maria who helped us to understand the struggles and challenges faced by Refugees and Migrants fleeing their homes. We imagined that we were a family, leaving our home behind. We thought about the key items that we could pack– with some of us thinking practically…Continue Reading

Refugee Week Liturgy

As Refugee Week came to a close, we planned a beautiful   Liturgy to reflect on the messages and learning that we had shared together, and also celebrated our efforts of ‘Sharing the Journey’ with Refugees and Migrants. We reflected on how we all belong to a Communion of Saints and rejoiced in our efforts to…Continue Reading


On Tuesday morning, the nursery children found a lost, little creature outside, looking in through the window.  It seemed very sad.  Mrs Lilley brought it in and it was shaking.  The nursery children wanted to look after it.  It could not understand our words, but seemed to understand when we used Makaton sign language.  We…Continue Reading

Share the Journey

Year 6 have also been reflecting on the the refugee crisis to mark #RefugeeWeek2018. Pope Francis has challenged us to ‘Share the Journey’ and walk the distance of the world – 24,900 miles! We walked (and ran) around the school yard on Monday to start of the school’s bid to walk the earth. It was…Continue Reading

Share the Journey

This week in school we are taking part in Refugee Week. Each class is walking 1 mile around the school yard (10 laps!) to show support for people forced to flee their homes. Every couple of laps, we stopped to hear the story of a different child refugee and say a prayer for all refugees.  …Continue Reading

Spread the Word – Class Liturgy

At the end of our last topic, the children worked in groups to plan a liturgy to help us to remember our learning. Mrs Ingle and Mrs Wright joined us for the liturgy, which was beautiful. The children sang ‘Colours of Day’ and shared many examples of their own work. Everybody wrote an example on…Continue Reading

Year 4 charity visit

Year 4 were visited by David from a homeless charity called ‘Youth Homeless North East’. Before his visit, we thought about questions that we wanted to ask to help us to find out more about homelessness in our local area. We made links between the questions that we had and those a reader may have…Continue Reading

SATs Liturgy

Last week Year 6 held a small Liturgy, celebrating their time at Corpus Christi and asking God for guidance during SATs week.  The liturgy was prayerful and reflective and the children were very involved in the process of organising it. They welcomed each other, talked about significant events and created a focal area of objects…Continue Reading