Fast Fractions

It was a race against time in Maths when children were challenged to create a large triangle out of sixteen smaller triangles. To do so, they had to multiply fractions by fractions, simplify the answer and match it to side of a triangle showing its answer. The winning team worked extremely efficiently, listening to each other and focussing on getting the job done!


Article 28
You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can.
Article 29
Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.



Sparkle & Crumble

Year 6 showed their coding talents in a Computing workshop this week. After fitting together a power source for their Crumble, they attached a Sparkle and programmed it to light up. They then worked on making the light flash before creating a sequence of flashing lights in different colours. We also learned how program two…Continue Reading


In Year 6, we recently came to the end of our Belonging topic: Vocation & Commitment. To reflect on our learning we joined in prayer for a liturgy, which was planned and lead by a group of children. During the liturgy we were asked to think about what we are committed to in our lives…Continue Reading

English & Maths with Northumbria University.

On Friday, we were joined by Mark from Northumbria University. He worked with us on a series of English and Maths activities. The first activity was called English Escape Room where we were given clues to exit a room and save Captain Literacy. After identifying all of the silent letters in a group of words that matched…Continue Reading

No pens day

In Science, we recently looked at the impact drugs and alcohol can have on the body. On ‘No Pens Day’ we explored different scenarios where a decision must be made about how to deal with drugs or alcohol. In groups, we discussed each scenario and thought about what we would do if we were in…Continue Reading

Year 6 Visit to Safety Works

We recently enjoyed a visit to SafetyWorks in Newcastle upon Tyne. We learnt about: Fire prevention in the home What to do it there is a fire at home How to put an unresponsive person in the recovery position Peer pressure Consequences of breaking the law when aged 10+ How to keep safe when using the Metro…Continue Reading

STEM workshop with Northumbria University

On Friday, years 5 and 6 spent an hour with Amy, a student from Northumbria University. She brought ipads and lots of Lego so we knew we were going to enjoy the workshop before it even started. Our first task was to follow instructions on the ipad to assemble Milo the robot. Working in teams,…Continue Reading

Mapping skills

Year 6 were visited by Geographer, Kieron Young, who spent the morning teaching us how to read Ordnance Survey maps using 4 and 6 figure grid references. Did you know that the numbers running horizontally are called ‘Eastings’ where the ones running vertically are called ‘Northings’? We had fun competitions where we had to find…Continue Reading

Heart and Exercise Investigations

Year 6 worked in groups to devise a question that would allow them to find out more about how exercise affects the heart rate. Questions included: Does 10 minutes of moderate exercise increase the heart rate more than 5 minutes of vigorous exercise? and Which form of exercise causes the greatest increase in heart rate – walking…Continue Reading