Last week, Liz from Skipping School visited Year 2 to help us develop our skipping skills.  The children have been invited to take part in a Skipping Festival on July 10th.  Liz came to see us to help us practice and prepare.

The children practiced a variety of challenges, such as:  Double Bounce, Speed Bounce, Hop and Swap, Side Swing, Face to Face, Run,Jump,Out and finally Keep the Pot Boiling.



Rainbow Pizzas

As part of our science topic on keeping healthy, Year 2 used a range of healthy ingredients to make rainbow pizzas.  The pizzas turned out to be delicious and we all got to eat them – unfortunately there are no photos of us eating them because they didn’t last that long!Continue Reading

Bicycle Skills

Year 2 have been very lucky today, because Marcus, from Sustrans, visited us to help us develop our cycling skills.  The participating children were split into two groups and practiced their cycling skills.  Some children were extremely proud of themselves because in a 45 minute session they learned how to ride their bikes without stabilisers…Continue Reading

Money week in Year 2

Last week in Year 2 we enjoyed money week.  All of our maths lessons were money based, calculating pounds and pence.  We talked about notes and why we have them, rather than lots of small coins.  The children couldn’t believe how heavy £5 in small coins weighed.  We found it really interesting that the Bank…Continue Reading

Multi-skills at St. Thomas More

Eight lucky children got to visit St Thomas More for an after-school multi-skills event.  They competed against five other schools, whilst participating in a range of events.                                                              Continue Reading

Chinese New Year celebrations in Year 2

Year 2 enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year and the Year of the Pig.  We watched videos of the celebrations taking place around the world. We also made lanterns so we could have our own celebration, as well as cooking and tasting a traditional Chinese dish – hot coconut milk with banana.                  …Continue Reading

Fairtrade Chocolate Stall

Last Friday, to celebrate the end of Fairtrade Fortnight, Corpus Christi had a chocolate stall! This year Fairtrade Fortnight focused on cocoa.  Farmers of this much loved product have seen prices fall to crisis levels in the last few years, making life incredibly difficult for cocoa farmers, There was a range of products on offer,…Continue Reading

Year 2 Bedtime Stories

In school, to celebrate World Book Day, we had a “Bedtime Stories” theme.  In Year 2 we had a fantastic day.  We all came to school in our cosy pyjamas and enjoyed a hot chocolate whilst Tom Hardy read us a bedtime story – What a treat! We brought our favourite books into school and…Continue Reading

Florence Nightingale visits Year 2

That History Bloke visited Year 2 and he even brought Florence Nightingale too! They talked to us about what life was like for nurses in the olden days, and told us about the Crimean War.  Florence explained the important changes she made at Scutari Hospital.  She showed us how to fold sheets, dress wounds and…Continue Reading